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Anserine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
AA0776Anserine AhCGAb ELISA Kitanti-chorionic gonadotropin-antibody$495Add to Cart
AA0777Anserine AhR ELISA Kitaryl hydrocarbon receptor,AhR $495Add to Cart
AA0778Anserine AKA ELISA KitAnti-keratin antibody,AKA $495Add to Cart
AA0779Anserine AKap12 ELISA KitA kinase PRKA anchor protein-gravin 12$495Add to Cart
AA0781Anserine ALD ELISA Kitaldosterone,ALD $495Add to Cart
AA0784Anserine ALDH ELISA KitAldehyde Dehydrogenase$495Add to Cart
AA0785Anserine ALDH18A1 ELISA KitAldehyde Dehydrogenase 18 Family, Member A1$495Add to Cart
AA0786Anserine ALDH2 ELISA KitAldehyde Dehydrogenase 2$495Add to Cart
AA0787Anserine ALK ELISA KitAnapastic lymphoma kinase$495Add to Cart
AA0788Anserine ALK1 ELISA KitActivin Receptor Like Kinase 1$495Add to Cart
AA0789Anserine ALOX-5 ELISA KitArachidonate 5-lipoxygenase$495Add to Cart
AA0794Anserine ALP-B ELISA KitBone-specific Alkphase B$495Add to Cart
AA0797Anserine AMAC-1 ELISA KitAlternative macrophage activation-assodiated CC chemokine 1$495Add to Cart
AA0799Anserine AMBP ELISA Kitalpha-1-microglobulin bikunin precursor,AMBP $495Add to Cart
AA0803Anserine AMS/AMY ELISA Kitα-Amylase$495Add to Cart
AA0800Anserine Amebiasis ELISA KitAmebiasis $495Add to Cart
AA0804Anserine Amylin ELISA KitAmylin$495Add to Cart
AA0808Anserine ANA ELISA KitAnti-nuclear Antibody$495Add to Cart
AA0809Anserine ANF ELISA Kitatrial natriuretic factor$495Add to Cart
AA0812Anserine Ang- I ELISA Kitangiotension I$495Add to Cart
AA0815Anserine ANGA ELISA Kitanti-neutrophil granules antibody$495Add to Cart
AA0817Anserine ANG-II ELISA Kitangiotension II$495Add to Cart
AA0818Anserine Ank-B ELISA Kitankyrin B,Ank-B $495Add to Cart
AA0821Anserine Anti-AMW IgM ELISA Kitanti-cytomegalovirus lgMantibody$495Add to Cart
AA0822Anserine Anti-HAV ELISA Kitanti-hepatitis A virus IgM antibody$495Add to Cart
AA0827Anserine Anti-Q-Ab ELISA Kitanti-Q fever antibody,anti-Q-Ab $495Add to Cart
AA0829Anserine ARCA ELISA Kitanti-red cell antibody$495Add to Cart
AA0830Anserine Anti-RV ELISA Kitanti-rabies virus antibody, anti-RV $495Add to Cart
AA0831Anserine Anti-RVIgG ELISA Kitanti-rubella virus IgG antibody$495Add to Cart
AA0832Anserine Anti-RVIgM ELISA Kitanti-rubella virus IgM antibody$495Add to Cart



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