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Monoclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0220RabbitPhospho-STMN1-S25Lag; SMN; OP18; PP17; PP19; PR22; LAP18; C1orf215;$300Add to Cart
AP0128RabbitPhospho-ATF2-T69/T51HB16; CREB2; TREB7; CRE-BP1;$300Add to Cart
AP0120RabbitPhospho-GSK3A-S21$300Add to Cart
AP0096RabbitPhospho-PDPK1-S241PDPK1; MGC20087 ; MGC35290 ;PDK1;PRO0461; 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1;$380Add to Cart
AP0090RabbitPhospho-SMC1A-S957SMC1; SMCB; CDLS2; SB1.8; SMC1L1; DXS423E; SMC1alpha$300Add to Cart
AP0077RabbitPhospho-MET-Y1349HGFR; AUTS9; RCCP2; c-Met$300Add to Cart
AP0067RabbitPhospho-MAP2K4-S80 JNKK; MEK4; MKK4; SEK1; SKK1; JNKK1; SERK1; MAPKK4; PRKMK4; SAPKK1; SAPKK-1;$300Add to Cart
AP0041RabbitPhospho-HSPB1-S82CMT2F; HMN2B; HSP27; HSP28; Hsp25; SRP27; HS.76067; DKFZp586P1322$300Add to Cart
AP0040RabbitPhospho-HSPB1-S15CMT2F; HMN2B; HSP27; HSP28; Hsp25; SRP27; HS.76067; HEL-S-102;$300Add to Cart
AP0033RabbitPhospho-ELK1-S383ELK1; ETS-domain protein Elk-1;$300Add to Cart
AP0017RabbitPhospho-CHEK1-Ser280CHK1;$300Add to Cart
AP0014RabbitPhospho-CDK1-T161CDC2; CDC28A; P34CDC2$300Add to Cart
AP0011RabbitPhospho-Bad-S136BBC2; BCL2L8;$300Add to Cart
AP0009RabbitPhospho-Bad-S155BBC2; BCL2L8;$300Add to Cart
AP0008RabbitPhospho-ATM-S1981 AT1; ATA; ATC; ATD; ATE; ATDC; TEL1; TELO1;$300Add to Cart
AE005MouseDDDDK-Tag$165Add to Cart
AC020RabbitVDAC1VDAC1;MGC111064;PORIN;PORIN-31-HL ;$220Add to Cart
AC019RabbitCOX4I1COX4; COXIV; COX4-1;$220Add to Cart
AC018RabbitLMNB1LMN; ADLD; LMN2; LMNB;$220Add to Cart
AC017RabbitPCNAPCNA;MGC8367 ;$220Add to Cart
AC016RabbitHIST3H3HIST1H3J; H3/j ;H3FJ ; Histone H3.1; Histone H3/a; Histone H3/b;Histone H3/c; Histone H3/d; Histone H3/f;Histone H3/h ; Histone H3/I;Histone H3/j ; Histone H3/k; Histone H3/l; HIST3H3;$220Add to Cart
AC014RabbitTUBA4ATUBA4A ; Tubulin alpha 4A chain; tubulin; alpha 4a; TUBA1; Tubulin alpha 1 chain; FLJ30169; α-Tubulin;$220Add to Cart
AC013Rabbitalpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$300Add to Cart
AC012Mousealpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$165Add to Cart
AC008RabbitTUBB3TUBB3;MC1R;TUBB4;beta-4 ;beta-tubulin;beta tubulin$135Add to Cart
AC007Rabbitα-TubulinTUBA1B;K-ALPHA-1 ;alpha-tubulin,a-tubulin$165Add to Cart
AC004Mouseβ-actinACTB;PS1TP5BP1 ;beta-actin; β-actin$135Add to Cart
AC003Rabbitalpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$165Add to Cart
AC002MouseGAPDH GAPDH;G3PD;GAPD;MGC88685 ;$135Add to Cart
AC001RabbitGAPDHGAPDH;G3PD;GAPD;MGC88685 ;$135Add to Cart



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