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Monoclonal Antibodies List
    Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
    AE034RabbitT7-TagT7 Tag; MASMTGGQQMG epitope tag; Enterobacteria phage T7; Bacteriophage T7; Minor capsid protein 10B; Major capsid protein 10A$165Add to Cart
    AE023MouseTrx-Tag$165Add to Cart
    AE015RabbitTAP-tag$165Add to Cart
    AC015RabbitTUBB1M40; OK/SW-cl.56; TUBB1; TUBB5;$220Add to Cart
    AC014RabbitTUBA4ATUBA4A ; Tubulin alpha 4A chain; tubulin; alpha 4a; TUBA1; Tubulin alpha 1 chain; FLJ30169; α-Tubulin;$220Add to Cart
    AC008RabbitTUBB3TUBB3;MC1R;TUBB4;beta-4 ;beta-tubulin;beta tubulin$135Add to Cart
    A9991RabbitTIMM50$220Add to Cart
    A9977RabbitTRIM39$220Add to Cart
    A9963RabbitTMED1$220Add to Cart
    A9958RabbitTRIP12$220Add to Cart
    A4162RabbitTNNI2DA2B; FSSV; fsTnI; AMCD2B;$220Add to Cart
    A1968RabbitTAPBPTPN; TAPA; TPSN; NGS17;$220Add to Cart
    A1957RabbitTRIM21RNF81; RO52; SSA; SSA1;$220Add to Cart
    A1569RabbitTPH1TPH1;MGC119994;TPRH;TRPH;Tryptophan 5-hydroxylase 1;$220Add to Cart
    A11545RabbitTP53$220Add to Cart
    A11481RabbitTp53bbl; bfy; bhy; p44; p53; Tp53$220Add to Cart
    A11464RabbitTUBBM40; TUBB1; TUBB5; CDCBM6; CSCSC1; OK/SW-cl.56;$380Add to Cart
    A11440MouseTMEM200A$300Add to Cart
    A10542RabbitTSTRDS;$220Add to Cart
    A0997RabbitTLR1TLR1;CD281;DKFZp547I0610;DKFZp564I0682;KIAA0012;MGC104956;MGC126311;MGC126312;TIL;rsc786 ;$220Add to Cart
    A0721MouseTSC1KIAA0243; LAM; MGC86987; TSC$220Add to Cart
    A0481MouseTUBB$300Add to Cart
    A0291MouseTGFB1TGFB1;CED;DPD1;TGFB;TGFbeta ;TGF-$300Add to Cart
    A0170MouseTOR1ADQ2;DYT1;Torsin-1A;Dystonia 1 protein antibody;Torsin family 1 member A antibody;$220Add to Cart
    A0089MouseTP63TP63;AIS;B(p51A);B(p51B);EEC3;KET;LMS;NBP;OFC8;RHS;SHFM4;TP53CP;TP53L;TP73L;p40;p51;p53CP;p63;p73H;p73L$220Add to Cart



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