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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0469RabbitPhospho-ESPL1-S1126ESP1; SEPA$300Add to Cart
AP0467RabbitPhospho-ZAP70-Y319SRK; STD; TZK; STCD; ZAP-70;$300Add to Cart
AP0461RabbitPhospho-TH-S19TYH; DYT14; DYT5b;$300Add to Cart
AP0460RabbitPhospho-SYT2-T202SytII;$300Add to Cart
AP0459RabbitPhospho-SYT1-S309P65; SYT; SVP65;$300Add to Cart
AP0453RabbitPhospho-STAT1-S727CANDF7; ISGF-3; STAT91;$300Add to Cart
AP0451RabbitPhospho-SNCA-Y133PD1; NACP; PARK1; PARK4;$300Add to Cart
AP0449RabbitPhospho-RPS6KB1-T421S6K; PS6K; S6K1; STK14A; p70-S6K; p70 S6KA; p70-alpha; S6K-beta-1; p70(S6K)-alpha;$300Add to Cart
AP0448RabbitPhospho-REL-S503C-Rel;$300Add to Cart
AP0441RabbitPhospho-PXN-Y88$300Add to Cart
AP0440RabbitPhospho-PTPN6-Y536HCP; HCPH; SHP1; SHP-1; HPTP1C; PTP-1C; SHP-1L; SH-PTP1;$300Add to Cart
AP0436RabbitPhospho-PTEN-S380BZS; DEC; CWS1; GLM2; MHAM; TEP1; MMAC1; PTEN1; 10q23del;$300Add to Cart
AP0430RabbitPhospho-PPP1R1B-T75DARPP32; DARPP-32;$300Add to Cart
AP0426RabbitPhospho-PDPK1-S241PDK1; PDPK2; PRO0461;$300Add to Cart
AP0425RabbitPhospho-PAK1/PAK2/PAK3-T423/T402/T421p21-activated kinase 1; PAK-1; p65-PAK; Alpha-PAK;$300Add to Cart
AP0418RabbitPhospho-NFKB2-S866p52; p105; H2TF1; LYT10; CVID10; LYT-10; NF-kB2;$300Add to Cart
AP0415RabbitPhospho-NFKB1-S893p50; KBF1; p105; EBP-1; NF-kB1; NFKB-p50; NFkappaB; NF-kappaB; NFKB-p105; NF-kappa-B;$300Add to Cart
AP0414RabbitPhospho-NF2-S518ACN; SCH; BANF;$300Add to Cart
AP0410RabbitPhospho-MYC-S62MRTL; MYCC; c-Myc; bHLHe39;$300Add to Cart
AP0409RabbitPhospho-MTOR-S2448FRAP;FRAP1;FRAP2;RAFT1;$300Add to Cart
AP0407RabbitPhospho-MEF2A-T319mef2; ADCAD1; RSRFC4; RSRFC9;$300Add to Cart
AP0406RabbitPhospho-MEF2A-T312mef2; ADCAD1; RSRFC4; RSRFC9;$300Add to Cart
AP0403RabbitPhospho-MARCKS-S162MACS; 80K-L; PKCSL; PRKCSL;$300Add to Cart
AP0402RabbitPhospho-MARCKS-S158MACS; 80K-L; PKCSL; PRKCSL;$300Add to Cart
AP0397RabbitPhospho-MAPT-S262TAU; MSTD; PPND; DDPAC; MAPTL; MTBT1; MTBT2; FTDP-17;$300Add to Cart
AP0396RabbitPhospho-MAPKAPK2-T334MK2; MK-2; MAPKAP-K2;$300Add to Cart
AP0393RabbitPhospho-MAP2K6-S207MAP kinase kinase 6; MAP2K6; MAPK/ERK kinase 6; MAPKK 6; MEK6;$300Add to Cart
AP0391RabbitPhospho-MAP2K4-T261JNKK; MEK4; MKK4; SEK1; SKK1; JNKK1; SERK1; MAPKK4; PRKMK4; SAPKK1; SAPKK-1;$300Add to Cart
AP0390RabbitPhospho-MAP2K4-S80JNKK; MEK4; MKK4; SEK1; SKK1; JNKK1; SERK1; MAPKK4; PRKMK4; SAPKK1; SAPKK-1;$300Add to Cart
AP0389RabbitPhospho-MAP2K3-S189MEK3; MKK3; MAPKK3; PRKMK3; SAPKK2; SAPKK-2;$300Add to Cart



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