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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A9512RabbitADAM28$220Add to Cart
A9493RabbitAHI1$220Add to Cart
A9454RabbitACE2$220Add to Cart
A9436RabbitABCA2$220Add to Cart
A9427RabbitARMC10$220Add to Cart
A8146RabbitABCE1RLI; OABP; ABC38; RNS4I; RNASEL1; RNASELI;$220Add to Cart
A8103RabbitATP5OATPO; OSCP; HMC08D05;$220Add to Cart
A8102RabbitARSFASF;$220Add to Cart
A8098RabbitACRV1SP-10; SPACA2; D11S4365;$220Add to Cart
A8060RabbitARNT2WEDAS; bHLHe1;$220Add to Cart
A8045RabbitAMY2APA; AMY2;$220Add to Cart
A8033RabbitATG12APG12; FBR93; APG12L; HAPG12$220Add to Cart
A8018RabbitAHSA1p38; AHA1; C14orf3;$220Add to Cart
A7994RabbitATG9AmATG9; APG9L1; MGD3208;$220Add to Cart
A7985RabbitASAH2HNAC1; BCDase; LCDase; NCDase; N-CDase;$220Add to Cart
A7965RabbitACSL6ACS2; FACL6; LACS2; LACS5; LACS 6;$220Add to Cart
A7964RabbitARHGEF9PEM2; EIEE8; PEM-2; HPEM-2; COLLYBISTIN;$220Add to Cart
A7960RabbitASCC3RNAH; HELIC1; ASC1p200;$220Add to Cart
A7954RabbitARHGEF11GTRAP48; PDZ-RHOGEF;$220Add to Cart
A7949RabbitARTNEVN; NBN; ENOVIN;$220Add to Cart
A7943RabbitAPOL1APOL; APO-L; FSGS4; APOL-I;$220Add to Cart
A7940RabbitADAM12MCMP; MLTN; CAR10; MLTNA; MCMPMltna; ADAM12-OT1;$220Add to Cart
A7930RabbitAURKCAIE2; AIK3; ARK3; AurC; SPGF5; STK13; HEL-S-90; aurora-C;$220Add to Cart
A7879RabbitAVPR2DI1; DIR; NDI; V2R; ADHR; DIR3;$220Add to Cart
A7878RabbitATP1A1$220Add to Cart
A7877RabbitANGPT1AGP1; AGPT; ANG1;$220Add to Cart
A7876RabbitAMPD1MAD; MADA; MMDD;$220Add to Cart
A7875RabbitALDH9A1E3; ALDH4; ALDH7; ALDH9; TMABADH;$220Add to Cart
A7874RabbitAESGRG; ESP1; GRG5; TLE5; AES-1; AES-2; Grg-5;$220Add to Cart
A7873RabbitADRA1AADRA1C; ADRA1L1; ALPHA1AAR;$220Add to Cart



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