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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A9368RabbitBCAN$220Add to Cart
A8046RabbitBLVRABVR; BLVR; BVRA;$220Add to Cart
A8007RabbitBLOC1S2CEAP; BLOS2; CEAP11;$220Add to Cart
A7995RabbitBRCC3C6.1A; BRCC36; CXorf53;$220Add to Cart
A7973RabbitB9D1B9; MKS9; EPPB9; MKSR1;$220Add to Cart
A7880RabbitBPGMDPGM;$220Add to Cart
A7763RabbitBAG2BAG-2; dJ417I1.2;$220Add to Cart
A7755RabbitB3GALNT1P; P1; GLOB; GLCT3; galT3; Gb4Cer; B3GALT3; beta3Gal-T3;$220Add to Cart
A7747RabbitBSNDBART; DFNB73;$220Add to Cart
A7647RabbitBCS1LBCS; BJS; PTD; BCS1; FLNMS; h-BCS; MC3DN1; GRACILE; Hs.6719;$220Add to Cart
A7626RabbitBAXBCL2L4;$220Add to Cart
A7607RabbitBAF250ELD; B120; OSA1; P270; hELD; BM029; MRD14; hOSA1; BAF250; C1orf4; BAF250a; SMARCF1;$220Add to Cart
A7595RabbitBANPBEND1; SMAR1; SMARBP1;$220Add to Cart
A7427RabbitBLKMODY11;$220Add to Cart
A7426RabbitBCAT2BCAM; BCT2; PP18; BCATM;$220Add to Cart
A7425RabbitBBS2BBS;$220Add to Cart
A7417RabbitBAG3BIS; MFM6; BAG-3; CAIR-1;$220Add to Cart
A7353RabbitBECN1ATG6; VPS30; beclin1;$220Add to Cart
A7321RabbitBMP15ODG2; POF4; GDF9B;$220Add to Cart
A7275RabbitBLIDBRCC2;$220Add to Cart
A7274RabbitBCAS3MAAB; GAOB1;$220Add to Cart
A7269RabbitBTFBTF; bK211L9.1;$380Add to Cart
A7263RabbitBNIP1NIP1; SEC20; TRG-8;$220Add to Cart
A7260RabbitBLVRBFLR; BVRB; SDR43U1; HEL-S-10;$220Add to Cart
A7229RabbitBACE1ASP2; BACE; HSPC104;$480Add to Cart
A7174RabbitBOCCDON2;$220Add to Cart
A7173RabbitBCL6BCL5; LAZ3; BCL6A; ZNF51; ZBTB27;$220Add to Cart
A7156RabbitBCL2L15Bfk; C1orf178;$220Add to Cart
A7143RabbitBIRC8ILP2; ILP-2; hILP2;$220Add to Cart
A7133RabbitBRD9PRO9856; LAVS3040;$220Add to Cart



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