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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A9532RabbitC9orf72ALSFTD; FTDALS$220Add to Cart
A9510RabbitCSE1L$220Add to Cart
A9508RabbitCHRNB4$220Add to Cart
A9453RabbitCHCHD4$220Add to Cart
A8117RabbitCFDDF; ADN; PFD; ADIPSIN;$220Add to Cart
A8116RabbitCSTF2CstF-64;$220Add to Cart
A8115RabbitCST6$220Add to Cart
A8114RabbitCST4$220Add to Cart
A8112RabbitCEACAM7CGM2;$220Add to Cart
A8111RabbitCETN3CEN3; CDC31;$220Add to Cart
A8110RabbitCDH11OB; CAD11; CDHOB; OSF-4;$220Add to Cart
A8109RabbitCDH6CAD6; KCAD;$220Add to Cart
A8107RabbitCD6TP120;$220Add to Cart
A8106RabbitCAPZBCAPB; CAPZ; CAPPB;$220Add to Cart
A8105RabbitCALCBCALC2; CGRP2; CGRP-II;$220Add to Cart
A8104RabbitC5C5D; C5a; C5b; ECLZB; CPAMD4;$220Add to Cart
A8058RabbitCNOT8CAF1; POP2; CALIF; Caf1b; hCAF1;$220Add to Cart
A8048RabbitCCR8CY6; TER1; CCR-8; CKRL1; CDw198; CMKBR8; GPRCY6; CMKBRL2; CC-CKR-8;$220Add to Cart
A8047RabbitCEBPECRP1; C/EBP-epsilon;$220Add to Cart
A8009RabbitCFL2NEM7;$220Add to Cart
A8008RabbitCALM2caM; PHKD; CAMII; LQT15; PHKD2;$220Add to Cart
A8004RabbitCEP120SRTD13; CCDC100;$220Add to Cart
A7993RabbitCYP4F12CYPIVF12; F22329_1;$220Add to Cart
A7989RabbitCACNG7$220Add to Cart
A7987RabbitCALCOCO1Cocoa; PP13275; calphoglin;$220Add to Cart
A7971RabbitCHIC2BTL;$220Add to Cart
A7910RabbitCAPRIN1M11S1; GPIAP1; RNG105; GPIP137; GRIP137; p137GPI;$220Add to Cart
A7888RabbitCRYGSCRYG8; CTRCT20;$220Add to Cart
A7887RabbitCPN1CPN; SCPN;$220Add to Cart
A7886RabbitCLTCHc; CHC; CHC17; CLH-17; CLTCL2;$220Add to Cart



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