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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A9371RabbitGOLPH3$220Add to Cart
A8095RabbitGm13125EG627009; OTTMUSG00000010547;$220Add to Cart
A8011RabbitGRID1GluD1;$220Add to Cart
A7898RabbitGTF2IWBS; DIWS; SPIN; IB291; BAP135; BTKAP1; TFII-I; WBSCR6; GTFII-I;$220Add to Cart
A7852RabbitGLYCTKHBEBP2; HBEBP4; HBeAgBP4A;$220Add to Cart
A7827RabbitGBA3CBG; GLUC; KLRP; CBGL1;$220Add to Cart
A7810RabbitGNB1LGY2; FKSG1; WDR14; WDVCF; DGCRK3;$220Add to Cart
A7790RabbitGABARAPL1ATG8; GEC1; APG8L; ATG8B; ATG8L; APG8-LIKE;$220Add to Cart
A7782RabbitGABARAPL2ATG8; GEF2; ATG8C; GEF-2; GATE16; GATE-16;$220Add to Cart
A7681RabbitGUCA1ACOD3; GCAP; GUCA; GCAP1; GUCA1; CORD14; C6orf131; dJ139D8.6;$220Add to Cart
A7680RabbitGTF2A2TF2A2; TFIIA; HsT18745;$220Add to Cart
A7678RabbitGSTA2GST2; GTA2; GTH2; GSTA2-2;$220Add to Cart
A7677RabbitGRIN1NR1; MRD8; GluN1; NMDA1; NMD-R1; NMDAR1;$220Add to Cart
A7676RabbitGNAI2GIP; GNAI2B; H_LUCA15.1; H_LUCA16.1;$220Add to Cart
A7675RabbitGH1GH; GHN; GH-N; hGH-N; IGHD1B;$220Add to Cart
A7674RabbitGAALYAG;$220Add to Cart
A7631RabbitGLUD1GDH; GDH1; GLUD;$220Add to Cart
A7522RabbitGABRA3$220Add to Cart
A7513RabbitGOPCCAL; FIG; PIST; GOPC1; dJ94G16.2;$220Add to Cart
A7489RabbitGNSG6S;$220Add to Cart
A7474RabbitGSDMBGSDML; PP4052; PRO2521;$220Add to Cart
A7434RabbitGSTM4GTM4; GSTM4-4;$220Add to Cart
A7433RabbitGEMKIR;$220Add to Cart
A7348RabbitGPR68OGR1; GPR12A;$220Add to Cart
A7284RabbitGRM4mGlu4; GPRC1D; MGLUR4;$220Add to Cart
A7283RabbitGOLM1GP73; HEL46; GOLPH2; C9orf155; PSEC0257; bA379P1.3;$220Add to Cart
A7282RabbitGCM1GCMA; hGCMa;$220Add to Cart
A7231RabbitGJA5CX40; ATFB11;$220Add to Cart
A7188RabbitGTF2H3P34; BTF2; TFB4; TFIIH;$220Add to Cart
A7187RabbitGSTCD$220Add to Cart



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