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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A9550RabbitOXTR$220Add to Cart
A8139RabbitOXCT1OXCT; SCOT;$220Add to Cart
A8022RabbitOSGEPL1Qri7;$220Add to Cart
A7997RabbitOPA3MGA3;$220Add to Cart
A7966RabbitORC6ORC6L;$220Add to Cart
A7705RabbitORC4ORC4L; ORC4P;$220Add to Cart
A7473RabbitOSGEPKAE1; GCPL1; OSGEP1; PRSMG1;$220Add to Cart
A7444RabbitOAZ1AZI; OAZ;$220Add to Cart
A7412RabbitORAI1IMD9; TAM2; ORAT1; CRACM1; TMEM142A;$220Add to Cart
A7264RabbitOPRM1MOP; MOR; LMOR; MOR1; OPRM; M-OR-1;$220Add to Cart
A7074RabbitOGFR$220Add to Cart
A6940RabbitOPHN1OPN1; MRX60; ARHGAP41;$220Add to Cart
A6939RabbitOMGOMGP;$220Add to Cart
A6827RabbitOCLNBLCPMG;$220Add to Cart
A6681RabbitOSMROSMRB; PLCA1;$220Add to Cart
A6679RabbitOGNOG; OIF; SLRR3A;$220Add to Cart
A6391RabbitOGDHE1k; OGDC; AKGDH;$220Add to Cart
A6300RabbitOXA1LOXA1;$220Add to Cart
A6235RabbitOATOKT; GACR; HOGA; OATASE;$220Add to Cart
A6163RabbitOSM$220Add to Cart
A5903RabbitOXGR1GPR80; GPR99; P2Y15; P2RY15;$220Add to Cart
A5653RabbitOCA2P; BEY; PED; BEY1; BEY2; BOCA; EYCL; HCL3; EYCL2; EYCL3; SHEP1; D15S12;$220Add to Cart
A5475RabbitOTX2CPHD6; MCOPS5;$220Add to Cart
A5285RabbitORC1ORC1L; PARC1; HSORC1;$220Add to Cart
A3998RabbitOSBPOSBP1;$220Add to Cart
A3113RabbitOPRL1OOR; ORL1; KOR-3; NOCIR$220Add to Cart
A2778RabbitOPCMLOPCM; OBCAM; IGLON1;$220Add to Cart
A2775RabbitOASLOASLd; TRIP14; TRIP-14; p59OASL; p59 OASL; p59-OASL;$220Add to Cart
A2601RabbitOCLNOCLN; BLCPMG; Occludin;$220Add to Cart
A2530RabbitOAS1OIAS; IFI-4; OIASI;$220Add to Cart



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