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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A9548RabbitSYCP3$220Add to Cart
A9523RabbitSRGAP2$220Add to Cart
A9463RabbitSLC5A8$220Add to Cart
A9460RabbitSLC34A2$220Add to Cart
A9444RabbitSLC47A1$220Add to Cart
A9400RabbitSTAG2$220Add to Cart
A9364RabbitSLC24A4$220Add to Cart
A9363RabbitSH3PXD2A$220Add to Cart
A8153RabbitSTXBP3PSP; MUNC18C; UNC-18C; MUNC18-3;$220Add to Cart
A8151RabbitSRMPAPT; SPS1; SPDSY; SRML1;$220Add to Cart
A8148RabbitSGSHHSS; SFMD; MPS3A;$220Add to Cart
A8071RabbitSETD3C14orf154;$220Add to Cart
A8057RabbitSTX7$220Add to Cart
A8043RabbitSTK4KRS2; MST1; YSK3; TIIAC;$220Add to Cart
A8037RabbitSSR4SSR delta, SSR4, TRAP delta, TRAPD;$220Add to Cart
A8006RabbitSNX32SNX6B;$220Add to Cart
A8003RabbitSOCS4SOCS7;$220Add to Cart
A7974RabbitSTK39DCHT; PASK; SPAK;$220Add to Cart
A7952RabbitSOCS5CIS6; CISH6; Cish5; SOCS-5;$220Add to Cart
A7947RabbitST3GAL5SATI; SIAT9; ST3GalV; SIATGM3S;$220Add to Cart
A7944RabbitSSNA1N14; NA14; NA-14;$220Add to Cart
A7933RabbitSUPT4H1SPT4; SPT4H; SUPT4H;$220Add to Cart
A7932RabbitSULT1A3STM; HAST; HAST3; M-PST; ST1A3; ST1A5; TL-PST; ST1A3/ST1A4;$220Add to Cart
A7931RabbitSTX1ASTX1; HPC-1; P35-1; SYN1A;$220Add to Cart
A7928RabbitSPRSDR38C1;$220Add to Cart
A7927RabbitSAFBHAP; HET; SAFB1; SAF-B1;$220Add to Cart
A7926RabbitSORT1NT3; Gp95; LDLCQ6;$220Add to Cart
A7855RabbitSPICE1SPICE; CCDC52;$220Add to Cart
A7816RabbitSLC22A11OAT4; hOAT4;$220Add to Cart
A7805RabbitSNX7$220Add to Cart



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