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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A7999RabbitUSP26$220Add to Cart
A7978RabbitUCHL5UCH37; CGI-70; INO80R; UCH-L5;$220Add to Cart
A7975RabbitUSP25USP21;$220Add to Cart
A7744RabbitUBE2AUBC2; HHR6A; MRXSN; RAD6A; MRXS30;$220Add to Cart
A7640RabbitUBIAD1SCCD; TERE1;$220Add to Cart
A7611RabbitUGT3A2$220Add to Cart
A7587RabbitULK3$220Add to Cart
A7570RabbitUGT2B10UDPGT2B10;$220Add to Cart
A7511RabbitUBA6E1-L2; MOP-4; UBE1L2;$220Add to Cart
A7505RabbitUSP10UBPO;$220Add to Cart
A7504RabbitUBA3NAE2; UBE1C; hUBA3;$220Add to Cart
A7471RabbitULK4FAM7C1; REC01035;$220Add to Cart
A7373RabbitUBE2R2UBC3B; CDC34B; E2-CDC34B;$220Add to Cart
A7344RabbitUBE2HGID3; UBC8; UBCH; UBCH2; E2-20K;$220Add to Cart
A7316RabbitUBE2J2NCUBE2; NCUBE-2; PRO2121;$220Add to Cart
A7244RabbitUIMC1RAP80; X2HRIP110;$220Add to Cart
A7236RabbitUCP1UCP; SLC25A7$220Add to Cart
A7225RabbitUBE2ZUSE1; HOYS7;$220Add to Cart
A7151RabbitU2AF1L4U2af26; U2AF1L3; U2AF1RS3; U2AF1-RS3; U2AF1L3V1;$220Add to Cart
A7141RabbitUBASH3Bp70; STS1; STS-1; TULA-2;$220Add to Cart
A7091RabbitUPF2HUPF2; RENT2; smg-3;$220Add to Cart
A7031RabbitUSP8UBPY; SPG59; HumORF8;$220Add to Cart
A6998RabbitUBE2V2MMS2; UEV2; EDPF1; UEV-2; DDVIT1; EDAF-1; EDPF-1; DDVit-1;$220Add to Cart
A6997RabbitUBE2G1UBC7; E217K; UBE2G;$220Add to Cart
A6853RabbitUBE2TFANCT; PIG50; HSPC150;$220Add to Cart
A6852RabbitUBE2NUBC13; UbcH13; HEL-S-71; UbcH-ben; UBCHBEN; UBC13;$220Add to Cart
A6786RabbitUSP15UNPH4; UNPH-2;$220Add to Cart
A6785RabbitUSP1UBP;$220Add to Cart
A6784RabbitUQCRFS1RIP1; RIS1; RISP; UQCR5;$220Add to Cart
A6783RabbitUFD1LUFD1;$220Add to Cart



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