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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A7968RabbitZNF324ZF5128; ZNF324A;$220Add to Cart
A7829RabbitZNF350ZFQR; ZBRK1;$220Add to Cart
A7766RabbitZFYVE16PPP1R69;$220Add to Cart
A7610RabbitZNF785$220Add to Cart
A7527RabbitZFYVE1SR3; DFCP1; TAFF1; ZNFN2A1; PPP1R172;$220Add to Cart
A7507RabbitZNF346JAZ; Zfp346;$220Add to Cart
A7501RabbitZBTB25KUP; ZNF46; C14orf51;$220Add to Cart
A7500RabbitZNF24KOX17; RSG-A; ZNF191; ZSCAN3; Zfp191;$220Add to Cart
A7486RabbitZNF169$220Add to Cart
A7478RabbitZFAND3TEX27;$220Add to Cart
A7435RabbitZBTB48HKR3; ZNF855; pp9964;$220Add to Cart
A7405RabbitZNF549$220Add to Cart
A7366RabbitZNF544$220Add to Cart
A7356RabbitZNF264$220Add to Cart
A7347RabbitZNF195HRF1; ZNFP104;$220Add to Cart
A7346RabbitZNF20KOX13;$220Add to Cart
A7226RabbitZDHHC16APH2; DHHC-16;$220Add to Cart
A7002RabbitZNF217ZABC1;$220Add to Cart
A7001RabbitZNF148BERF-1; BFCOL1; ZBP-89; ZFP148; pHZ-52; HT-BETA;$220Add to Cart
A6793RabbitZDHHC17HIP3; HYPH; HIP14; HSPC294;$220Add to Cart
A6792RabbitZBED1ALTE; DREF; TRAMP; hDREF;$220Add to Cart
A6494RabbitZBTB38CIBZ; ZNF921; PPP1R171;$220Add to Cart
A6331RabbitZC3HC1NIPA; HSPC216;$220Add to Cart
A6328RabbitZWINTSIP30; ZWINT1; KNTC2AP; HZwint-1;$220Add to Cart
A6327RabbitZMYND11BS69; BRAM1;$220Add to Cart
A5863RabbitZBTB16PLZF; ZNF145;$220Add to Cart
A5705RabbitZEB2SIP1; SIP-1; ZFHX1B; HSPC082; SMADIP1$220Add to Cart
A5600RabbitZEB1BZP; TCF8; AREB6; FECD6; NIL2A; PPCD3; ZFHEP; ZFHX1A; DELTAEF1;$220Add to Cart
A5011RabbitZBP1DAI; DLM1; DLM-1; C20orf183;$220Add to Cart
A2195RabbitZAP70FLJ17670; FLJ17679; SRK; STD; TZK; ZAP-70;$220Add to Cart



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