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Bovine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
BP0112Bovine PKCq ELISA KitProtein Kinase C Theta (PKCq)$495Add to Cart
BP0113Bovine PKCi ELISA KitProtein Kinase C Iota (PKCi)$495Add to Cart
BP0114Bovine PKCz ELISA KitProtein Kinase C Zeta (PKCz)$495Add to Cart
BP0115Bovine PECAM-1/CD31 ELISA KitBovine Platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1 $495Add to Cart
BP0118Bovine P-selectin ELISA KitBovine P selectin $495Add to Cart
BP0119Bovine PTX3 ELISA KitBovine Pentraxin 3 $495Add to Cart
BP0120Bovine PKD1 ELISA KitProtein Kinase D1 (PKD1)$495Add to Cart
BP0122Bovine PKIa ELISA KitProtein Kinase Inhibitor Alpha (PKIa)$495Add to Cart
BP0123Bovine PKIb ELISA KitProtein Kinase Inhibitor Beta (PKIb)$495Add to Cart
BP0124Bovine PKIg ELISA KitProtein Kinase Inhibitor Gamma (PKIg)$495Add to Cart
BP0125Bovine PKN1 ELISA KitProtein Kinase N1 (PKN1)$495Add to Cart
BP0126Bovine PKP1 ELISA KitBovine Plakophilin 1 $495Add to Cart
BP0127Bovine PKP2 ELISA KitPlakophilin 2 (PKP2)$495Add to Cart
BP0128Bovine PKR1 ELISA KitBovine Prokineticin Receptor 1 $495Add to Cart
BP0129Bovine PKR2 ELISA KitProkineticin Receptor 2 (PKR2)$495Add to Cart
BP0130Bovine PL ELISA KitBovine Placental Lactogen $495Add to Cart
BP0131Bovine PLA1 ELISA KitBovine Phospholipase A1 $495Add to Cart
BP0132Bovine PLAA ELISA KitBovine Phospholipase A1 Activating Protein $495Add to Cart
BP0133Bovine PLCg1 ELISA KitBovine Phospholipase C Gamma 1 $495Add to Cart
BP0134Bovine Plg ELISA KitBovine Plasminogen $495Add to Cart
BP0135Bovine PLN ELISA KitBovine Phospholamban $495Add to Cart
BP0136Bovine PLP1 ELISA KitBovine Proteolipid Protein 1, Myelin $495Add to Cart
BP0137Bovine PLSCR2 ELISA KitBovine Phospholipid Scramblase 2 $495Add to Cart
BP0138Bovine PLTP ELISA KitBovine Phospholipid Transfer Protein $495Add to Cart
BP0139Bovine PMP3 ELISA KitBovine Peroxisomal Membrane Protein 3 $495Add to Cart
BP0140Bovine POMC ELISA KitBovine Proopiomelanocortin $495Add to Cart
BP0141Bovine PP ELISA KitBovine Pancreatic Polypeptide $495Add to Cart
BP0142Bovine PP13 ELISA KitBovine Placental Protein 13 $495Add to Cart
BP0144Bovine PRCP ELISA KitBovine Prolylcarboxypeptidase $495Add to Cart
BP0145Bovine PRGN ELISA KitBovine Progranulin $495Add to Cart



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