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Porcine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
PV0021Porcine Anti-RV IgM ELISA KitRubella Virus Antibody IgM ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
PV0016Porcine Anti-RV IgD ELISA KitRubella Virus Antibody IgD ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
PV0015Porcine Anti-RV IgG ELISA KitRubella Virus Antibody IgG ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
PV0014Porcine Anti-RV IgA ELISA KitRubella Virus Antibody IgA ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
PT0064Porcine anti-TPO ELISA KitPorcine Thrombopoietin antibody $495Add to Cart
PT0033Porcine Anti-TPOR ELISA KitPorcine Thrombopoietin Receptor antibody $495Add to Cart
PT0022Porcine Apelin ELISA KitPorcine Total Apelin $495Add to Cart
PS0294Porcine Anti-SS-B/La ELISA KitPorcine SS-B/La Antibody $495Add to Cart
PS0293Porcine Anti-SS-A/Ro ELISA KitPorcine SS-A/Ro antibody $495Add to Cart
PS0281Porcine anti-Sp17 ELISA KitPorcine Anti-sperm protein 17 antibodies $495Add to Cart
PS0042Porcine α-SYNo ELISA KitPorcine 伪 Synuclein oligomer $495Add to Cart
PS0040Porcine α-SYN ELISA KitPorcine 伪 Synuclein $495Add to Cart
PS0011Porcine α-SMA ELISA KitPorcine 伪 Smooth Muscle Actin $495Add to Cart
PR0348Porcine ARHGDIa ELISA KitPorcine Rho GDP Dissociation Inhibitor Alpha $495Add to Cart
PP0718Porcine anti-PR3 ELISA KitPorcine Proteinase 3 antibody $495Add to Cart
PP0698Porcine Anti-PM-Scl ELISA KitPorcine Polymyositis sclerosis antibody $495Add to Cart
PP0032Porcine anti-PANDER ELISA KitPorcine Pancreatic-Derived Factor/FAM3B Antibody $495Add to Cart
PM0214Porcine a2-MG ELISA KitPorcine a2 Microglobulin $495Add to Cart
PM0212Porcine α-MSH ELISA KitPorcine 伪 Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone $495Add to Cart
PM0009Porcine α2-MG ELISA KitPorcine 伪2-Macroglobulin $495Add to Cart
PM0008Porcine α1-MG ELISA KitPorcine 伪1-Microglobulin $495Add to Cart
PL0217Porcine anti-LC1 ELISA KitPorcine Anti-liver cytosol antibody type 1 $495Add to Cart
PL0016Porcine α-La ELISA KitPorcine 伪 Lactalbumin $495Add to Cart
PJ0009Porcine Anti-Jo1 ELISA KitPorcine jo-1 Antibody $495Add to Cart
PH0254Porcine anti-PF4 ELISA KitPorcine Heparin associated antibody (PF4) $495Add to Cart
PG0344Porcine Anti-GLS ELISA KitPorcine Anti-ganglioside antibody $495Add to Cart
PG0284Porcine Anti-尾2GP1 ELISA KitPorcine Anti 尾2-Glycoprotein 1 Antibody $495Add to Cart
PG0041Porcine α-Gal ELISA KitPorcine 伪-Galactosyl $495Add to Cart
PG0009Porcine αGAL ELISA KitPorcine 伪-Galactosidase $495Add to Cart
PE0128Porcine anti-EBMZ ELISA KitPorcine Epidermal basement membrane zone antibody $495Add to Cart



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