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Porcine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
PT0324Porcine bTG ELISA KitPorcine Thromboglobulin, Beta $495Add to Cart
PF0013Porcine bFGFR ELISA KitPorcine Basic Fibroblast growth factor receptor $495Add to Cart
PF0010Porcine bFGF ELISA KitPorcine Basic Fibroblast growth factor $495Add to Cart
PB0703Porcine Btk ELISA Kit$495Add to Cart
PB0697Porcine BTA ELISA KitBladder tumor antigen$495Add to Cart
PB0695Porcine BAL ELISA KitBrucella Ab lgG$495Add to Cart
PB0693Porcine BrDU ELISA KitPorcine Bromodeoxyuridine $495Add to Cart
PB0691Porcine BP180-Ab ELISA KitAnti-bullous pemphigoid 180 antibody$495Add to Cart
PB0690Porcine BP ELISA KitBullous Pemhpigoid$495Add to Cart
PB0689Porcine BMPs ELISA KitBone morphongenetic proteins$495Add to Cart
PB0674Porcine BMG/尾2-MG ELISA Kit尾2-Microglobulin Competitive$495Add to Cart
PB0673Porcine BM-CSF Ab ELISA Kitanti-Branulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor antibody$495Add to Cart
PB0672Porcine BLI ELISA Kit尾-Lactamase inhibitors$495Add to Cart
PB0671Porcine BK ELISA KitPorcine Bradykinin $495Add to Cart
PB0670Porcine BJP ELISA KitBence-Jones protein$495Add to Cart
PB0669Porcine Big ET ELISA KitBig Endothelin$495Add to Cart
PB0668Porcine BGP/Gehrelin ELISA Kitbrain-gut peptides$495Add to Cart
PB0667Porcine BGOy/MGSA ELISA Kitgrowth-regulated oncogeneY/melanoma growth stimulating activity$495Add to Cart
PB0658Porcine BFGF 9 ELISA Kitbasic fibrobiast growth factor 9$495Add to Cart
PB0657Porcine BFGF 6 ELISA Kitbasic fibrobiast growth factor 6$495Add to Cart
PB0656Porcine BFGF 4 ELISA Kitbasic fibrobiast growth factor 4$495Add to Cart
PB0654Porcine BF ELISA Kitfactor B$495Add to Cart
PB0653Porcine Beta-LI ELISA KitBeta-Lactmase inhibitors$495Add to Cart
PB0652Porcine Beta2 - GP1 IgA/G/M ELISA Kitbeta2-glycoprotein 1 antibody IgA/G/M$495Add to Cart
PB0648Porcine BCDE ELISA KitB cell differetiation factor$495Add to Cart
PB0647Porcine BB-AB ELISA KitAnti-B burgdorleri antibody$495Add to Cart
PB0645Porcine BATF ELISA Kitbasic leucine zipper transcription factor ATF-like,BATF mAb$495Add to Cart
PB0644Porcine BALP ELISA Kitbone alkaline phosphatase$495Add to Cart
PB0642Porcine BACE 2 ELISA Kitbeta-site APP-cleaving enzyme 2$495Add to Cart
PB0641Porcine BA ELISA KitBlocking antibody$495Add to Cart



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