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Porcine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
PH1357Porcine hCG-H ELISA KitHyperglycosylated Porcine chorionic gonadotropin $495Add to Cart
PH1258Porcine HLAB27 ELISA KitPorcine Leucocyte Antigen B27 $495Add to Cart
PH1257Porcine HMGCR ELISA KitPorcine 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA reductase $495Add to Cart
PH1256Porcine HK2 ELISA KitPorcine Hexokinase 2 $495Add to Cart
PH1224Porcine HABP1 ELISA KitHyaluronate binding protein 1$495Add to Cart
PH0325Porcine HK ELISA KitPorcine Hexokinase $495Add to Cart
PH0323Porcine Hyl ELISA Kithydroxylysine$495Add to Cart
PH0322Porcine HYD ELISA KitHydrocortisone$495Add to Cart
PH0321Porcine HVD3 ELISA Kit25-Dihydroxy vitamin D3$495Add to Cart
PH0320Porcine HTN5 ELISA Kithistatin 5$495Add to Cart
PH0319Porcine HTLV-1 ELISA KitT-lymphtropicvirus 1$495Add to Cart
PH0318Porcine HSVHerpes simplex$495Add to Cart
PH0317Porcine HSVHerpes simplex$495Add to Cart
PH0316Porcine HSV I Ab ELISA KitHerpes simplexvirus I antibody$495Add to Cart
PH0315Porcine HSV IIAb ELISA KitHerpes simplexvirus II antibody$495Add to Cart
PH0311Porcine HSP-90 ELISA KitPorcine Heat Shock Protein 90 $495Add to Cart
PH0308Porcine HSP-70 ELISA KitHeat Shock Protein 70 HSP-70$495Add to Cart
PH0305Porcine HSP-60 ELISA KitHeat Shock Protein 60 HSP-60$495Add to Cart
PH0304Porcine HSP47 ELISA KitPorcine Heat Shock Protein 47 $495Add to Cart
PH0299Porcine HSP40 ELISA KitPorcine Heat Shock Protein 40 $495Add to Cart
PH0296Porcine HSP27 ELISA KitPorcine Heat Shock Protein 27 $495Add to Cart
PH0292Porcine HSP-20 ELISA KitPorcine Heat Shock Protein 20 HSP-20 $495Add to Cart
PH0289Porcine HSP gp96 ELISA KitHeat Shock Protein glycoprotein 96$495Add to Cart
PH0288Porcine HSL ELISA KitPorcine Hormone Sensitive Lipase $495Add to Cart
PH0284Porcine Hs-CRP ELISA KitHigh sensitivity C-Reactive Protein$495Add to Cart
PH0283Porcine HSA ELISA Kitsreum albumin,HSA $495Add to Cart
PH0282Porcine HRGP ELISA KitHydroxyproline-Rich Glycoprotein$495Add to Cart
PH0281Porcine HRD ELISA KitHirudin,HRD $495Add to Cart
PH0280Porcine H-ras ELISA KitH-ras$495Add to Cart
PH0279Porcine Hpt/HP ELISA KitHaptoglobin$495Add to Cart



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