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Porcine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
PP0757Porcine PRDX2 ELISA KitPorcine Peroxiredoxin-2 $495Add to Cart
PP0756Porcine PYGB ELISA KitGlycogen Phosphorylase, Brain (PYGB)$495Add to Cart
PP0755Porcine PVRL3 ELISA KitPoliovirus Receptor Related Protein 3 (PVRL3)$495Add to Cart
PP0754Porcine PVRL2 ELISA KitPoliovirus Receptor Related Protein 2 (PVRL2)$495Add to Cart
PP0753Porcine PKA ELISA KitPorcine Protein kinase A $495Add to Cart
PP0752Porcine PUMA ELISA KitPorcine P53 Upregulated Modulator Of Apoptosis $495Add to Cart
PP0751Porcine PI-3 ELISA KitPorcine Peptidase Inhibitor 3 $495Add to Cart
PP0750Porcine PYD ELISA KitPorcine Pyridinoline crosslinks $495Add to Cart
PP0748Porcine Py ELISA KitPeptide Y$495Add to Cart
PP0746Porcine PY ELISA KitPyridinium crosslink/pyrilinks$495Add to Cart
PP0744Porcine PTP ELISA Kitprotein tyrosine phosphatase$495Add to Cart
PP0743Porcine PTK ELISA Kitprotein tyrosine kinase$495Add to Cart
PP0741Porcine PTH ELISA KitParathyroid hormone$495Add to Cart
PP0740Porcine PTGDS ELISA KitProstaglandin D synthase$495Add to Cart
PP0739Porcine PT ELISA KitPertussiu Toxin$495Add to Cart
PP0738Porcine PsmAB ELISA KitPorcine Anti-presynaptic membrane antibody $495Add to Cart
PP0737Porcine PSA U S ELISA KitUltra Sensitive Prostate Specific Antigen,PSA U S $495Add to Cart
PP0735Porcine PSA ELISA KitPorcine Prostate specific antigen $495Add to Cart
PP0734Porcine PS ELISA KitPorcine Phosphatidylserine $495Add to Cart
PP0733Porcine PS ELISA Kitprostate specific$495Add to Cart
PP0732Porcine PRSS ELISA Kitserine protease$495Add to Cart
PP0730Porcine Protein S ELISA KitProtein S$495Add to Cart
PP0729Porcine Protein C ELISA KitProtein C$495Add to Cart
PP0728Porcine Pro-amylin ELISA KitPorcine Pro-amylin $495Add to Cart
PP0726Porcine Pro-ANP ELISA KitPorcine Pro Atrial Natriuretic Peptide $495Add to Cart
PP0725Porcine PRM 1 ELISA KitPorcine Protamine 1 $495Add to Cart
PP0724Porcine Pre-α2 MG ELISA KitPorcine 伪2 Macroglobulin precursor $495Add to Cart
PP0723Porcine Pre-Hpt ELISA KitPorcine Haptoglobin precursor $495Add to Cart
PP0722Porcine Pre-APO-C2 ELISA KitApolipoprotein C2 precursor$495Add to Cart
PP0721Porcine Pre-APO-A1 ELISA KitApolipoprotein A1 precursor$495Add to Cart



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