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Rabbit ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
RTP0359Rabbit CD59 ELISA KitRabbit Protectin $495Add to Cart
RTG0010Rabbit cGMP ELISA KitRabbit Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate $495Add to Cart
RTE0043Rabbit CD147/EMMPRIN ELISA KitRabbit Extracellular matrix metalloproteinase lnducer/CD147 $495Add to Cart
RTC0882Rabbit C4BPa ELISA KitRabbit C4 Binding Protein, Alpha $495Add to Cart
RTC0881Rabbit CD3 ELISA KitCluster of differentiation 3$495Add to Cart
RTC0880Rabbit Cyt-C ELISA KitCytochrome-C$495Add to Cart
RTC0879Rabbit Cytb561 ELISA Kitcytochrome b561$495Add to Cart
RTC0878Rabbit CYT Ab ELISA KitCysticercosis antibody$495Add to Cart
RTC0877Rabbit CysLTs ELISA Kitcysteinyl leukotrienes$495Add to Cart
RTC0875Rabbit Cys-C ELISA KitRabbit Cystatin C $495Add to Cart
RTC0870Rabbit CYP21A ELISA KitRabbit Cytochrome P450 $495Add to Cart
RTC0865Rabbit CD2 ELISA KitCyclin-D2$495Add to Cart
RTC0864Rabbit CD1 ELISA KitCyclin-D1$495Add to Cart
RTC0861Rabbit CXCR3 ELISA KitRabbit CXC-chemokine receptor 3 $495Add to Cart
RTC0860Rabbit CXCR2 ELISA KitCXC-chemokine receptor 2$495Add to Cart
RTC0859Rabbit CXCR1 ELISA KitCXC-chemokine receptor 1$495Add to Cart
RTC0858Rabbit CXCL16 ELISA KitRabbit CXC-chemokine ligand 16 $495Add to Cart
RTC0857Rabbit Cx ELISA KitRabbit Connexin $495Add to Cart
RTC0856Rabbit CVNPE ELISA KitRabbit Cobra venom neuronal protective factor $495Add to Cart
RTC0853Rabbit CTX-II ELISA KitRabbit Cross-linked C-terminal Telopeptides of type II collagen $495Add to Cart
RTC0850Rabbit CTX-1 ELISA KitC-telopeptide of type I callagen$495Add to Cart
RTC0849Rabbit CTX ELISA KitCyclophosphamide$495Add to Cart
RTC0845Rabbit CTAP III ELISA KitRabbit Connective tissue-activating peptide III $495Add to Cart
RTC0843Rabbit CT ELISA KitChiamydia rtachomatis$495Add to Cart
RTC0841Rabbit CSE ELISA KitRabbit Cystathionine Gamma Lyase $495Add to Cart
RTC0839Rabbit CsA ELISA KitRabbit Cyclosporine A $495Add to Cart
RTC0838Rabbit CS3B3 ELISA KitRabbit Chondroitin Sulfate Epitope 3B3 $495Add to Cart
RTC0837Rabbit CS ELISA KitCitrate Synthase$495Add to Cart
RTC0836Rabbit CS ELISA KitRabbit Chondroitin sulfate $495Add to Cart
RTC0835Rabbit Cryβ ELISA KitRabbit Crystal proteins β $495Add to Cart



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