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Chicken ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
CKT0561Chicken TTV ELISA Kittransfusion transmitted virus$495Add to Cart
CKA0433Chicken AMA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Methylglyoxal Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0464Chicken AGR2 ELISA KitChicken Anterior Gradient Homolog 2 $495Add to Cart
CKA0540Chicken ATF3 ELISA KitChicken Activating Transcription Factor 3 $495Add to Cart
CKA0599Chicken ATM ELISA KitChicken Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated $495Add to Cart
CKA0697Chicken AA ELISA KitChicken Arachidonic Acid $495Add to Cart
CKA0706Chicken ACA-IgA ELISA KitChicken Anti-cardiolipin antibody IgA $495Add to Cart
CKA0755Chicken AFGF-1 ELISA KitChicken Acidic fibroblast growth factor 1 $495Add to Cart
CKA0789Chicken ALOX-5 ELISA KitChicken Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase $495Add to Cart
CKA0797Chicken AMAC-1 ELISA KitChicken Alternative macrophage activation-associated CC chemokine 1 $495Add to Cart
CKA0840Chicken AP ELISA KitChicken Aprotinin $495Add to Cart
CKA0889Chicken ASP ELISA KitChicken Acylation Stimulating Protein $495Add to Cart
CKB0011Chicken B7-H3 ELISA KitChicken B7-H3 gene $495Add to Cart
CKB0693Chicken BrDU ELISA KitChicken Bromodeoxyuridine $495Add to Cart
CKC0008Chicken CC16 ELISA KitChicken Clara cell Specific protein CC16 $495Add to Cart
CKC0089Chicken Cresol ELISA KitChicken Cresol $495Add to Cart
CKC0091Chicken CMPF ELISA KitChicken 3 Carboxyl 4 Methyl 5 Propyl 2 Furangroup $495Add to Cart
CKC0465Chicken CYPD ELISA KitChicken Cyclophilin D $495Add to Cart
CKC0661Chicken C/EBPβ ELISA KitChicken CCAAT/enhancer binding protein beta $495Add to Cart
CKC0769Chicken CK 18 ELISA KitChicken CytoKein 18 $495Add to Cart
CKC0838Chicken CS3B3 ELISA KitChicken Chondroitin Sulfate Epitope 3B3 $495Add to Cart
CKC0841Chicken CSE ELISA KitChicken Cystathionine Gamma Lyase $495Add to Cart
CKC0845Chicken CTAP III ELISA KitChicken Connective tissue-activating peptide III $495Add to Cart
CKD0039Chicken DAO ELISA KitChicken Diamine Oxidase $495Add to Cart
CKD0049Chicken DPYSL3 ELISA KitChicken Dihydropyrimidinase Like Protein 3 $495Add to Cart
CKD0065Chicken dSIP ELISA KitChicken Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide $495Add to Cart
CKD0068Chicken DSP ELISA KitChicken Dentin Sialo protein $495Add to Cart
CKD0216Chicken Anti-DNA ELISA KitChicken Anti Deoxyribonucleic Acid Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKD0269Chicken DT ELISA KitChicken Dopachrome tautomerase $495Add to Cart
CKE0128Chicken anti-EBMZ ELISA KitChicken Epidermal basement membrane zone antibody $495Add to Cart



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