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Anserine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
AR0008Anserine RBP4 ELISA KitRetinol Binding Protein 4 $495Add to Cart
AR0011Anserine RF ELISA KitRheumatoid Factor $495Add to Cart
AR0012Anserine RANKL ELISA KitReceptor Activator of Nuclear Factor Kb Ligand $495Add to Cart
AR0013Anserine RBP ELISA KitRetinol Binding Protein $495Add to Cart
AR0015Anserine RLT ELISA KitRelaxin $495Add to Cart
AR0017Anserine RANTES ELISA KitRegulated On Activation In Normal T-Cell Expressed And Secreted (RANTES)$495Add to Cart
AR0018Anserine RV A IgD ELISA KitRubella virus antibody IgD ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0019Anserine Rubella virus antibody IgG ELSA KIT ELISA KitRubella virus antibody IgG ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0020Anserine Rubella virus antibody IgA ELSA KIT ELISA KitRubella virus antibody IgA ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0021Anserine Rubella virus antibody IgM ELSA KIT ELISA KitRubella virus antibody IgM ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0022Anserine RSV ELISA KitRespiRatory syncytial virus ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0023Anserine RSV IgG ELISA KitRespiRatory syncytial virus IgG ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0024Anserine RSV IgD ELISA KitRespiRatory syncytial virus IgD ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0025Anserine RSV IgM ELISA KitRespiRatory syncytial virus IgM ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0026Anserine RSV IgA ELISA KitRespiRatory syncytial virus IgA ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
AR0028Anserine ROS ELISA KitReactive Oxygen Species $495Add to Cart
AR0029Anserine Renin ELISA KitRenin $495Add to Cart
AR0034Anserine RAPGEF1 ELISA KitRap Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor 1 (RAPGEF1)$495Add to Cart
AR0036Anserine RasGAP ELISA KitRas GTPase Activating Protein (RasGAP)$495Add to Cart
AR0039Anserine RB1 ELISA KitRetinoblastoma Protein 1 (RB1)$495Add to Cart
AR0040Anserine REG1α ELISA KitRegeneRating Islet Derived Protein 1 Alpha (REG1a)$495Add to Cart
AR0042Anserine REG4 ELISA KitRegeneRating Islet Derived Protein 4 (REG4)$495Add to Cart
AR0045Anserine RELA ELISA KitTranscription Factor P65 (RELA)$495Add to Cart
AR0046Anserine RGS4 ELISA KitRegulator Of G Protein Signaling 4 (RGS4)$495Add to Cart
AR0059Anserine RI ELISA KitRibonuclease Inhibitor (RI)$495Add to Cart
AR0062Anserine RNASEA ELISA KitRibonuclease A (RNASEA )$495Add to Cart
AR0067Anserine RNASEH ELISA KitRibonuclease H (RNASEH)$495Add to Cart
AR0070Anserine RNASET2 ELISA KitRibonuclease T2 (RNASET2)$495Add to Cart
AR0073Anserine RNF4 ELISA KitRing Finger Protein 4 (RNF4)$495Add to Cart
AR0079Anserine RPL10 ELISA KitRibosomal Protein L10 (RPL10)$495Add to Cart



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