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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HD0216Human Anti-DNA ELISA KitAnti Deoxyribonucleic Acid Antibody $495Add to Cart
HD0023Human ADAMTS4 ELISA Kita Disintegrin like and Metalloproteinase Thrombospondin type 1 motif 4/Aggrecanase 1 $495Add to Cart
HD0011Human anti-dsDNA ELISA KitAnti-double stranded DNA $495Add to Cart
HC0702Human anti-CTS ELISA KitCathepsin Antibodies $495Add to Cart
HB0692Human Anti-Bpi ELISA KitAnti-Bactericidal permeability increasing protein antibody $495Add to Cart
HB0037Human Anti-BIP ELISA KitAnti-Immunoglobulin Binding Protein antibody $495Add to Cart
HAF0021Human α-TG ELISA Kit伪-thromboglobulin$495Add to Cart
HAF0016Human α-La ELISA Kit伪 Lactalbumin$495Add to Cart
HAF0015Human α-GST ELISA Kit伪-glutathione S-transferases$495Add to Cart
HAF0013Human α-Gal ELISA Kit伪-galactosyle$495Add to Cart
HAF0012Human α-GAL ELISA Kit伪-galactosidase$495Add to Cart
HAF0011Human α2-MG ELISA Kit伪2-macroglobulin$495Add to Cart
HAF0010Human α2-AP ELISA Kit伪2 antiplasmin$495Add to Cart
HAF0009Human α1尾-GP ELISA Kit伪1尾 glycoprotein$495Add to Cart
HAF0008Human α1-MG ELISA Kit伪1-microglobulin$495Add to Cart
HA0920Human ACC ELISA KitAcetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase $495Add to Cart
HA0919Human amyloid尾1-42 ELISA Kitamyloid beta peptide 1-42$495Add to Cart
HA0917Human amyloid 尾1-40 ELISA Kitamyloid beta peptide 1-40$495Add to Cart
HA0914Human amyloid 尾 ELISA Kittotal amyloid beta peptide$495Add to Cart
HA0913Human AZU ELISA Kitazurocidin$495Add to Cart
HA0910Human Azp ELISA Kitanti-zana pellucida antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0909Human AVP ELISA Kitarginine vasopressin,AVP $495Add to Cart
HA0907Human ATR ELISA Kitanti-thrombin receptor$495Add to Cart
HA0906Human ATMA/TMAB ELISA KitAnti-thyriod microsome antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0902Human AT-III ELISA KitAnti-Thrombin III $495Add to Cart
HA0901Human Anti-TG ELISA KitAnti-thyroid-globulin antibody $495Add to Cart
HA0899Human ATG ELISA Kitanti-thymocyte globulin$495Add to Cart
HA0897Human ATA ELISA KitAngiotensinase A$495Add to Cart
HA0896Human ATA ELISA Kitanti-trophoblast antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0895Human AT2R ELISA KitAngiotensin II Receptor 2$495Add to Cart



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