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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HA0894Human AT II RI Ab ELISA Kitangiotension II receptor Antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0893Human AT ELISA KitAnti-trypsin $495Add to Cart
HA0889Human ASP ELISA KitAcylation Stimulating Protein $495Add to Cart
HA0885Human ASD ELISA KitAndrostenedione $495Add to Cart
HA0883Human ASCA ELISA KitAnti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody $495Add to Cart
HA0881Human ASA ELISA Kitaryl sulfatase A $495Add to Cart
HA0877Human AQP-5 ELISA KitAquaporin 5 $495Add to Cart
HA0870Human AQP-1 ELISA KitAquaporin 1 $495Add to Cart
HA0869Human AQP-0 ELISA KitAquaporin 0$495Add to Cart
HA0868Human APT ELISA KitAbnormal prothrombin $495Add to Cart
HA0867Human ApoTf ELISA KitApotransferrin $495Add to Cart
HA0858Human Apo-B100 ELISA KitApolipoprotein B100 $495Add to Cart
HA0851Human Apo-A1 ELISA Kitapoprotein A1$495Add to Cart
HA0850Human APCR ELISA Kitactivated protein C resistance,APCR $495Add to Cart
HA0849Human APC ELISA KitActivated protein C $495Add to Cart
HA0846Human AP13 ELISA Kitapelin 13,AP13 $495Add to Cart
HA0843Human AP12 ELISA KitApelin 12 $495Add to Cart
HA0842Human APAb ELISA KitAnti-platelet antibody $495Add to Cart
HA0841Human AP/3a-5a-THP ELISA Kitallpregnanolone/3a,5a-tetrahydroprogesterone$495Add to Cart
HA0840Human AP ELISA KitAprotinin $495Add to Cart
HA0839Human AOPP ELISA Kitadvanced oxidation protein products,AOPP $495Add to Cart
HA0837Human APLA ELISA KitAntiphospholipid Antibody $495Add to Cart
HA0836Human AnuA-IgG ELISA KitAnti-nucleosome antibody IgG $495Add to Cart
HA0835Human ATA ELISA Kitanti-typhus antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0834Human Anti-toxIgM ELISA Kitanti-toxoplasma IgM antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0833Human Anti-toxIgG ELISA Kitanti-toxoplasma IgG antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0832Human Anti-RVIgM ELISA Kitanti-rubella virus IgM antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0831Human Anti-RVIgG ELISA Kitanti-rubella virus IgG antibody$495Add to Cart
HA0830Human Anti-RV ELISA Kitanti-rabies virus antibody, anti-RV $495Add to Cart
HA0829Human ARCA ELISA Kitanti-red cell antibody$495Add to Cart



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