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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HA0523Human APOC3 ELISA KitApolipoprotein C3 $495Add to Cart
HA0522Human APOC2 ELISA KitApolipoprotein C2 $495Add to Cart
HA0521Human APOC1 ELISA KitApolipoprotein C1 $495Add to Cart
HA0520Human APOB ELISA KitApolipoprotein B $495Add to Cart
HA0519Human APOA5 ELISA KitApolipoprotein A5 $495Add to Cart
HA0518Human APOA4 ELISA KitApolipoprotein A4 $495Add to Cart
HA0517Human APOA2 ELISA KitApolipoprotein A2 $495Add to Cart
HA0516Human APOA1 ELISA KitApolipoprotein A1 $495Add to Cart
HA0515Human AGRP ELISA KitAgouti Related Protein $495Add to Cart
HA0514Human ANGPTL4 ELISA KitAngiopoietin Like Protein 4 $495Add to Cart
HA0513Human ANGPTL3 ELISA KitAngiopoietin Like Protein 3 $495Add to Cart
HA0512Human ANGPTL2 ELISA KitAngiopoietin Like Protein 2 $495Add to Cart
HA0511Human ANGPTL1 ELISA KitAngiopoietin Like Protein 1 $495Add to Cart
HA0510Human ANG2 ELISA KitAngiopoietin 2 (ANG2)$495Add to Cart
HA0509Human ANG1 ELISA KitAngiopoietin 1 (ANG1)$495Add to Cart
HA0508Human ANG ELISA KitAngiogenin $495Add to Cart
HA0506Human ACE2 ELISA KitAngiotensin I Converting Enzyme 2 $495Add to Cart
HA0505Human ACE ELISA KitAngiotensin I Converting Enzyme $495Add to Cart
HA0504Human AGT ELISA KitAngiotensinogen $495Add to Cart
HA0503Human AGTR2 ELISA KitAngiotensin II Receptor 2 $495Add to Cart
HA0502Human AGTR1 ELISA KitAngiotensin II Receptor 1 $495Add to Cart
HA0501Human AIG1 ELISA KitAndrogen Induced Protein 1 (AIG1)$495Add to Cart
HA0500Human ANP ELISA KitAtrial Natriuretic Peptide $495Add to Cart
HA0496Human ADCY4 ELISA KitAdenylate Cyclase 4 (ADCY4)$495Add to Cart
HA0495Human ADCY3 ELISA KitAdenylate Cyclase 3 (ADCY3)$495Add to Cart
HA0494Human ADCY1 ELISA KitAdenylate Cyclase 1, Brain $495Add to Cart
HA0484Human AGER ELISA KitAdvanced Glycosylation End Product Specific Receptor $495Add to Cart
HA0483Human AMY1 ELISA KitAmylase Alpha 1, Salivary $495Add to Cart
HA0481Human AZU1 ELISA KitAzurocidin 1 (AZU1)$495Add to Cart
HA0478Human Anti-MOG ELISA KitAnti-Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody $495Add to Cart



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