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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HC0875Human Cys-C ELISA KitCystatin C $495Add to Cart
HC0857Human Cx ELISA KitConnexin $495Add to Cart
HC0853Human CTX-II ELISA KitCross-linked C-terminal Telopeptides of type II collagen $495Add to Cart
HC0786Human COL2 ELISA KitCollagen Type II $495Add to Cart
HC0771Human CK 20 ELISA KitCytoKein 20 $495Add to Cart
HC0770Human CK 19 ELISA KitCytoKein 19 $495Add to Cart
HC0768Human CK 18 ELISA KitCytoKein 18 $495Add to Cart
HC0767Human CK 17 ELISA KitCytoKein 17 $495Add to Cart
HC0766Human CK 13 ELISA KitCytoKein 13 $495Add to Cart
HC0732Human CDK-7 ELISA KitCyclin Dependent Kinase 7 $495Add to Cart
HC0730Human CDK-4 ELISA KitCyclin Dependent Kinase 4 $495Add to Cart
HC0729Human CDK-2 ELISA KitCyclin Dependent Kinase 2 $495Add to Cart
HC0695Human Caspase-4 ELISA KitCaspase 4 $495Add to Cart
HC0650Human CDK5 ELISA KitCyclin Dependent Kinase 5 $495Add to Cart
HC0629Human CRT ELISA KitCalreticulin $495Add to Cart
HC0615Human CBX3 ELISA KitChromobox Homolog 3 $495Add to Cart
HC0598Human CX40 ELISA KitConnexin 40 $495Add to Cart
HC0595Human CX26 ELISA KitConnexin 26 $495Add to Cart
HC0566Human CX43 ELISA KitConnexin 43 $495Add to Cart
HC0557Human Caspase-7 ELISA KitCaspase 7 $495Add to Cart
HC0556Human Caspase-3 ELISA KitCaspase 3 $495Add to Cart
HC0554Human Caspase-11 ELISA KitCaspase 11 $495Add to Cart
HC0546Human CALU ELISA KitCalumenin $495Add to Cart
HC0534Human CDKN2A ELISA KitCyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 2A $495Add to Cart
HC0533Human CETP ELISA KitCholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein $495Add to Cart
HC0493Human CKMT1A ELISA KitCreatine Kinase, Mitochondrial 1A $495Add to Cart
HC0491Human CCND2 ELISA KitCyclin D2 $495Add to Cart
HC0490Human CCND1 ELISA KitCyclin D1 $495Add to Cart
HC0458Human CFTR ELISA KitCystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator $495Add to Cart
HC0393Human Caspase-14 ELISA KitCaspase 14 $495Add to Cart



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