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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HC0881Human CD3 ELISA KitCluster of differentiation 3$495Add to Cart
HC0880Human Cyt-C ELISA KitCytochrome-C$495Add to Cart
HC0879Human Cytb561 ELISA Kitcytochrome b561$495Add to Cart
HC0878Human CYT Ab ELISA KitCysticercosis antibody$495Add to Cart
HC0877Human CysLTs ELISA Kitcysteinyl leukotrienes$495Add to Cart
HC0865Human CD2 ELISA KitCyclin-D2$495Add to Cart
HC0864Human CD1 ELISA KitCyclin-D1$495Add to Cart
HC0860Human CXCR2 ELISA KitCXC-chemokine receptor 2$495Add to Cart
HC0859Human CXCR1 ELISA KitCXC-chemokine receptor 1$495Add to Cart
HC0850Human CTX-1 ELISA KitC-telopeptide of type I callagen$495Add to Cart
HC0849Human CTX ELISA KitCyclophosphamide$495Add to Cart
HC0845Human CTAP III ELISA KitConnective tissue-activating peptide III $495Add to Cart
HC0843Human CT ELISA KitChiamydia rtachomatis$495Add to Cart
HC0841Human CSE ELISA KitCystathionine Gamma Lyase $495Add to Cart
HC0838Human CS3B3 ELISA KitChondroitin Sulfate Epitope 3B3 $495Add to Cart
HC0837Human CS ELISA KitCitrate Synthase$495Add to Cart
HC0834Human Crya ELISA Kitcrystal proteins a$495Add to Cart
HC0828Human Cr ELISA KitCrosslaps$495Add to Cart
HC0824Human Cpsa ELISA Kitcomplex edprostate specific antigen$495Add to Cart
HC0822Human CPN10 ELISA Kitchaperonin 10$495Add to Cart
HC0817Human CPK ELISA KitCrestine phosphokinase$495Add to Cart
HC0816Human CpG-ODN ELISA KitCpG oligodeoxynucleotide$495Add to Cart
HC0815Human C-Peptide ELISA KitC-peptide$495Add to Cart
HC0814Human CPAF ELISA Kitchlamydial protease-like activity factor,CPAF $495Add to Cart
HC0813Human CP/CER ELISA KitCeruloplasmin,CP/CER $495Add to Cart
HC0811Human CP ELISA KitC-Polypeptide$495Add to Cart
HC0810Human CoxV-lgM ELISA KitaCoxsackie virus lgM$495Add to Cart
HC0809Human CoxV-lgG ELISA KitaCoxsackie virus lgG$495Add to Cart
HC0803Human ClgG ELISA KitCoronaviruses lgG$495Add to Cart
HC0793Human Colicin ELISA Kitcolicin$495Add to Cart



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