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Human ELISA Kits List
    Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
    HT0498Human cTnI ELISA KitTroponin I Type 3, Cardiac $495Add to Cart
    HG0010Human cGMP ELISA KitCyclic Guanosine Monophosphate $495Add to Cart
    HC0836Human CS ELISA KitChondroitin sulfate $495Add to Cart
    HC0835Human Cry尾 ELISA KitCrystal proteins 尾 $495Add to Cart
    HC0780Human CML ELISA KitCarboxymethyl lysine $495Add to Cart
    HC0714Human CCK-8 ELISA KitCholecystokinin octapeptide $495Add to Cart
    HC0687Human CAM ELISA KitCalmodulin $495Add to Cart
    HC0631Human CDHE ELISA KitCadherin, Epithelial $495Add to Cart
    HC0630Human CDHN ELISA KitCadherin, Neuronal $495Add to Cart
    HC0594Human CTNNb1 ELISA KitCatenin, Beta $495Add to Cart
    HC0589Human CFL1 ELISA KitCofilin 1 (Non-Muscle) $495Add to Cart
    HC0547Human CACYBP ELISA KitCalcyclin Binding Protein $495Add to Cart
    HC0507Human CDH5 ELISA KitCadherin 5 $495Add to Cart
    HC0413Human CDSN ELISA KitCorneodesmosin $495Add to Cart
    HC0411Human CT ELISA KitCalcitonin $495Add to Cart
    HC0407Human CK-MM ELISA KitCreatine Kinase, Muscle $495Add to Cart
    HC0391Human CALD ELISA KitCaldesmon $495Add to Cart
    HC0388Human CLDN1 ELISA KitClaudin 1 $495Add to Cart
    HC0383Human CCK ELISA KitCholecystokinin $495Add to Cart
    HC0350Human CRYAB ELISA KitAlpha B-Crystallin $495Add to Cart
    HC0346Human CNP ELISA KitC-Type Natriuretic Peptide $495Add to Cart
    HC0218Human CD151 ELISA KitCluster of Differentiation 151 $495Add to Cart
    HC0212Human COMP ELISA KitCartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein $495Add to Cart
    HC0092Human CKMB ELISA KitCreatine Kinase MB isoenzyme $495Add to Cart
    HC0086Human CRH-R ELISA KitCorticotropin Releasing Hormone Receptor $495Add to Cart
    HC0050Human Cit ELISA KitCitrulline $495Add to Cart
    HC0049Human C-P ELISA KitC-peptide $495Add to Cart
    HC0034Human cAMP ELISA Kitcyclic Adenosine Monophosphate $495Add to Cart



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