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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HF0274Human F-尾 CG ELISA Kitfree chorionic gonadotropin$495Add to Cart
HF0272Human FXR ELISA Kitsoluble Farnesoid X receptor$495Add to Cart
HF0270Human F XII ELISA Kitcoagulation Factor XII$495Add to Cart
HF0266Human F X ELISA Kitcoagulation factor X$495Add to Cart
HF0265Human F VIII Ag ELISA KitFactor VIII-related Antigen$495Add to Cart
HF0264Human FVII ELISA Kitcoagulation factor VII$495Add to Cart
HF0263Human FUM ELISA KitFumarase /fumarate hydratase$495Add to Cart
HF0261Human F-TESTO ELISA KitFree Testoterone$495Add to Cart
HF0257Human FSP ELISA KitFibroblast surface protein$495Add to Cart
HF0252Human FRA ELISA Kitfibronection related antigen,FRA $495Add to Cart
HF0249Human FP-S ELISA KitFree Protein S,FP-S $495Add to Cart
HF0241Human FLU ELISA Kitinfluenza viruses lgG$495Add to Cart
HF0233Human FIX ELISA KitFcoagulation factor IX$495Add to Cart
HF0229Human FGF-2 ELISA KitFibroblast Growth Factor 2$495Add to Cart
HF0224Human FEP ELISA KitFree erythrocyte proloporphyrin$495Add to Cart
HF0220Human FDA ELISA KitFructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase$495Add to Cart
HF0219Human FCHOL ELISA Kitfree cholesterol$495Add to Cart
HF0216Human Fbg ELISA KitFibrinogen$495Add to Cart
HF0210Human FABP ELISA Kitfatty acid-binding protein$495Add to Cart
HF0207Human FA ELISA KitFolic acid$495Add to Cart
HF0205Human F VIII-Ag ELISA Kitcoagulation factor VIII related antigen$495Add to Cart
HF0204Human F VIII Ag ELISA Kitfactor VIII related antigen$495Add to Cart
HF0202Human F1+2 ELISA Kitprothrombin fragment 1+2$495Add to Cart
HF0201Human F III ELISA Kitcoagulation factor III$495Add to Cart
HF0130Human FPR2 ELISA KitFormyl Peptide Receptor 2 (FPR2)$495Add to Cart
HF0128Human FP ELISA KitProstaglandin F Receptor (FP)$495Add to Cart
HF0125Human FOXP1 ELISA KitForkhead Box Protein P1 (FOXP1)$495Add to Cart
HF0123Human FOXC1 ELISA KitForkhead Box Protein C1 (FOXC1)$495Add to Cart
HF0117Human FMOD ELISA KitFibromodulin $495Add to Cart
HF0109Human FLRT2 ELISA KitFibronectin Leucine Rich Transmembrane Protein 2 (FLRT2)$495Add to Cart



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