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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HG0195Human GKRP ELISA KitGlucokinase Regulatory Protein (GKRP)$495Add to Cart
HG0192Human GKN2 ELISA KitGastrokine 2 $495Add to Cart
HG0191Human GKN1 ELISA KitGastrokine 1 $495Add to Cart
HG0188Human GJb1 ELISA KitGap Junction Protein Beta 1 (GJb1)$495Add to Cart
HG0184Human GIP ELISA KitGastric Inhibitory Polypeptide $495Add to Cart
HG0179Human GHITM ELISA KitGrowth Hormone Inducible Transmembrane Protein $495Add to Cart
HG0178Human GHAb ELISA KitAnti-Growth Hormone Antibody (GHAb)$495Add to Cart
HG0175Human GH2 ELISA KitGrowth Hormone 2 $495Add to Cart
HG0172Human GH ELISA KitGrowth Hormone $495Add to Cart
HG0167Human gGT1 ELISA KitGamma Glutamyltransferase 1 $495Add to Cart
HG0164Human GFAP ELISA KitGlial Fibrillary Acidic Protein $495Add to Cart
HG0160Human GDNF ELISA KitGlial Cell Line Derived Neurotrophic Factor $495Add to Cart
HG0159Human GDI1 ELISA KitGDP Dissociation Inhibitor 1 $495Add to Cart
HG0155Human GDH ELISA KitGlutamate Dehydrogenase 1 $495Add to Cart
HG0152Human GDF9 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 9 $495Add to Cart
HG0149Human GDF7 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 7 (GDF7)$495Add to Cart
HG0146Human GDF6 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 6 $495Add to Cart
HG0143Human GDF5 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 5 $495Add to Cart
HG0140Human GDF3 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 3 $495Add to Cart
HG0137Human GDF2 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 2 $495Add to Cart
HG0134Human GDF15 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 15 $495Add to Cart
HG0131Human GDF11 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 11 $495Add to Cart
HG0128Human GDF10 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 10 $495Add to Cart
HG0125Human GDF1 ELISA KitGrowth Differentiation Factor 1 $495Add to Cart
HG0122Human GCSFR ELISA KitColony Stimulating Factor Receptor, Granulocyte (GCSFR)$495Add to Cart
HG0119Human GCSF ELISA KitGranulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor $495Add to Cart
HG0116Human GCP2 ELISA KitGranulocyte Chemotactic Protein 2 $495Add to Cart
HG0113Human GCLM ELISA KitGlutamate Cysteine Ligase, Modifier Subunit (GCLM)$495Add to Cart
HG0110Human GCK ELISA KitGlucokinase $495Add to Cart
HG0103Human GATA5 ELISA KitGATA Binding Protein 5 $495Add to Cart



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