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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HH0237Human gp-39 ELISA KitCartilage glycoprotein 39 $495Add to Cart
HG0387Human GH ELISA Kitgrowth factor $495Add to Cart
HG0380Human GSP ELISA Kitglycosylated serum protein$495Add to Cart
HG0378Human GSK ELISA Kitglycogen synthase kinase$495Add to Cart
HG0373Human GS-ANA ELISA Kitgranulocyle specific antinuclear antibody$495Add to Cart
HG0372Human GR-尾 ELISA Kitglucocorticoid receptor-尾$495Add to Cart
HG0371Human GR-伪 ELISA Kitglucocorticoid receptor-伪$495Add to Cart
HG0369Human GROa/MGSA ELISA Kitgrowth-regulated nocogenea/melanoma growth stimulating$495Add to Cart
HG0364Human GP-MM ELISA KitGlycogen Phosphorylase MM$495Add to Cart
HG0360Human GPI ELISA Kitglycophosphatidylinositol$495Add to Cart
HG0354Human GP-II ELISA KitGlycogen phosphorylase II$495Add to Cart
HG0351Human Gp210 ELISA KitAnti-glucoprotein 210 GP210 $495Add to Cart
HG0349Human GP ELISA Kitanti-glycoprotein antibody$495Add to Cart
HG0348Human GOD ELISA KitGlucose Oxidase$495Add to Cart
HG0347Human GnRHR-Ab ELISA Kitanti-gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antibody$495Add to Cart
HG0345Human GMP-140 ELISA Kitalpha-granular membrane protein$495Add to Cart
HG0342Human GM-CSF ELISA KitGranulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor$495Add to Cart
HG0340Human GLUT3 ELISA KitGlucose transporter 3$495Add to Cart
HG0334Human GHRP-Ghrelin ELISA Kitgrowth hormone releasing peptide-Ghrelin$495Add to Cart
HG0332Human GH-RF ELISA KitGrowth hormone rekasubg factir$495Add to Cart
HG0328Human GHAB ELISA Kitanti-growth hormone antibody$495Add to Cart
HG0326Human Gelson ELISA Kitgelson $495Add to Cart
HG0322Human G-CSF ELISA KitGranulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor$495Add to Cart
HG0319Human GC ELISA Kitglucocorticoid$495Add to Cart
HG0318Human Gbp4 ELISA Kitguanylate nucleotide binding protein 4$495Add to Cart
HG0314Human Gastrointestinalcancer Marker-CA199 ELISA KitGastrointestinalcancer Marker-CA199$495Add to Cart
HG0313Human Gastric carcinoma Marker ELISA Kitgastric carcinoma Marker$495Add to Cart
HG0311Human GAP-43 ELISA Kitgrowth-associated protein$495Add to Cart
HG0309Human Gal-65 ELISA Kitgalactose-6-sulphate sulphatase$495Add to Cart
HG0307Human GAG ELISA Kitglycosamionglycan$495Add to Cart



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