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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HH0090Human HNF4a ELISA KitHepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 Alpha (HNF4a)$495Add to Cart
HH0087Human HNF1b ELISA KitHepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1 Beta (HNF1b)$495Add to Cart
HH0084Human HNF1a ELISA KitHepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1 Alpha (HNF1a)$495Add to Cart
HH0083Human HMGN1 ELISA KitHigh Mobility Group Nucleosome Binding Domain 1 $495Add to Cart
HH0075Human HK1 ELISA KitHexokinase 1 $495Add to Cart
HH0073Human HJV ELISA KitHemojuvelin $495Add to Cart
HH0068Human HIF-1α ELISA KitHypoxia Inducible Factor 1, alpha $495Add to Cart
HH0065Human HHIP ELISA KitHedgehog Interacting Protein $495Add to Cart
HH0058Human Hepc ELISA KitHepcidin $495Add to Cart
HH0054Human HDGF ELISA KitHepatoma Derived Growth Factor (HDGF)$495Add to Cart
HH0048Human HB渭 ELISA KitHemoglobin, Mu $495Add to Cart
HH0046Human HBP ELISA KitHeparin binding protein $495Add to Cart
HH0045Human HB-EGF ELISA KitHeparin-binding Epidermal Growth Factor like-Growth Factor $495Add to Cart
HH0042Human HABP1 ELISA KitHyaluronan Binding Protein 1 $495Add to Cart
HH0039Human HCV-sAg ELISA KitHepatitis C virus surface antigen $495Add to Cart
HH0038Human HCY ELISA KitTotal Homocystein $495Add to Cart
HH0037Human HCV-Ag ELISA KitHepatitis C virus antigen $495Add to Cart
HH0036Human HA ELISA KitHyaluronic Acid $495Add to Cart
HH0035Human HAVlgG ELISA KitHepatitis A Virus LgG elsa kit$495Add to Cart
HH0034Human HAV IgD ELISA KitHAV IgD antibody ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0033Human HAV IgM ELISA KitHAV IgM antibody ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0032Human HAV IgG ELISA KitHAV IgG antibody ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0031Human HAV IgA ELISA KitHAV IgA antibody ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0029Human HSP70 ELISA KitHeat Shock Protein 70 $495Add to Cart
HH0028Human HDV-Ag ELISA KitHDV antigen ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0027Human HDV IgA ELISA KitHDV antibody IgA ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0025Human HDV IgD ELISA KitHDV antibody IgD ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0024Human HDV IgM ELISA KitHDV antibody IgM ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0023Human HDV IgG ELISA KitHDV antibody IgG ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HH0022Human HP-IgY ELISA KitHelicobacter Pylori IgY $495Add to Cart



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