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Human ELISA Kits List
    Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
    HL0308Human LP ELISA KitLysyl Pyridinoline$495Add to Cart
    HL0305Human Lymphocyte Factor ELISA KitLymphocyte Factor$495Add to Cart
    HL0304Human LXR ELISA Kitsoluble Liver Receptor$495Add to Cart
    HL0303Human Lung cancer marker ELISA KitLung cancer marker$495Add to Cart
    HL0302Human LTF-AB-lgG ELISA KitLactoferrin antibody lgG$495Add to Cart
    HL0298Human LTF/LF ELISA KitLactoferrin$495Add to Cart
    HL0296Human LT-E4 ELISA KitLeukotriene E4$495Add to Cart
    HL0290Human LT-B4 ELISA KitLeukotriene B4$495Add to Cart
    HL0288Human LTA ELISA Kitlymphotoxin伪,LTA $495Add to Cart
    HL0283Human LRLP ELISA KitLipoxin A4 receptor-like protein$495Add to Cart
    HL0263Human LPA ELISA KitL-phenylalanine$495Add to Cart
    HL0262Human Lp Ag ELISA KitLegionella antigen$495Add to Cart
    HL0261Human LP Ab-lgM ELISA KitLegionella antibody lgM$495Add to Cart
    HL0260Human LP Ab-lgG ELISA KitLegionella antibody lgG$495Add to Cart
    HL0259Human LP Ab-lgA ELISA KitLegionella antibody lgA$495Add to Cart
    HL0253Human LMWH ELISA Kitlow molecular weight heparin$495Add to Cart
    HL0251Human LMP7/PSMB9 ELISA KitLow molecular-weight protein/proteasome beta-type subunit$495Add to Cart
    HL0250Human LMP-1 ELISA Kitlatent membrane protein-1,LMP-1 $495Add to Cart
    HL0249Human LMA ELISA Kitanti-liver cell membrane antibody$495Add to Cart
    HL0248Human LLO ELISA Kitlisteriolysin O$495Add to Cart
    HL0247Human L-LDH ELISA KitLactate Dehydrogenase L$495Add to Cart
    HL0232Human LF/LTF Ab-lgG ELISA KitLactoferrin antibody lgG$495Add to Cart
    HL0229Human LEP IgG ELISA Kitleptospira IgG$495Add to Cart
    HL0226Human Lebtospira lgM ELISA Kitlebtospira lgM$495Add to Cart
    HL0223Human LDL-IC ELISA Kitlow density lipoprotein immune complex$495Add to Cart
    HL0218Human LCN2 ELISA Kitlipocalin 2$495Add to Cart
    HL0214Human LAM ELISA KitLipoarabinomannan$495Add to Cart
    HL0213Human LAC/LA ELISA Kitlupus anticoagulant$495Add to Cart



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