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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HM0309Human MMP-13 ELISA KitMatrix metalloproteinase 13 $495Add to Cart
HM0308Human MMP-11 ELISA KitMatrix Metalloproteinase 11 $495Add to Cart
HM0305Human MMP-10 ELISA KitMatrix metalloproteinase 10 $495Add to Cart
HM0301Human MMP-1 ELISA KitMatrix metalloproteinsae 1 $495Add to Cart
HM0300Human MLZE ELISA Kitmelanoma derived leucine zipper extra-nuclear factor,MLZE $495Add to Cart
HM0299Human MK ELISA KitMidkine $495Add to Cart
HM0296Human MIS/AMH ELISA KitMullerian Inhibiting Substance/Anti-Mullerian hormone$495Add to Cart
HM0291Human MIgA ELISA KitMembrane IgA$495Add to Cart
HM0286Human MHC III/AgB I/H-1 III ELISA Kitmajor histocompatibility complex III$495Add to Cart
HM0285Human MHC II/RLA II ELISA Kitmajor histocompatibility complex II$495Add to Cart
HM0283Human MHC I/RLA I ELISA Kitmajor histocompatibility complex I$495Add to Cart
HM0282Human MHC I/H-2 III ELISA KitMHC I/H-2 III$495Add to Cart
HM0281Human MHC I/H-2 II ELISA KitMHC I/H-2 II$495Add to Cart
HM0280Human MHC I/H-2 I ELISA KitMHC I/H-2 I$495Add to Cart
HM0279Human MHC I/AgB I/H-1 I ELISA Kitmajor histocompatibility complex I$495Add to Cart
HM0278Human MHB ELISA KitMethemoglobin,MHB $495Add to Cart
HM0273Human MGP ELISA KitMatrix Gla Protein $495Add to Cart
HM0272Human MGMT ELISA KitO-6-Methylguanine DNA Methyltransferase $495Add to Cart
HM0271Human MF/MPF ELISA Kitmaturation promoting factor$495Add to Cart
HM0270Human Methylase ELISA KitMethlylase$495Add to Cart
HM0266Human MEPE ELISA KitMatrix extracellular phosphoglycoprotein $495Add to Cart
HM0265Human MDA ELISA Kitmalondialchehyche,MDA $495Add to Cart
HM0264Human MCV ELISA Kitanti-mutated citrullinated vimentin antibody$495Add to Cart
HM0263Human MCT ELISA KitMast cell tryptase $495Add to Cart
HM0260Human MCP-4 ELISA KitMonocyte Chemotactic Protein 4 $495Add to Cart
HM0257Human MCP-3 ELISA KitMonocyte Chemotactic Protein 3 $495Add to Cart
HM0254Human MCP-2 ELISA KitMonocyte Chemotactic Protein 2 $495Add to Cart
HM0253Human MCP-1 ELISA KitMonocyte chemotactic protein 1/monocyte chemotactic and activating factor $495Add to Cart
HM0249Human MC Ab ELISA KitMelanocyte antibldy$495Add to Cart
HM0248Human MBP-Ab ELISA Kitmyelin basic protein autoantibody$495Add to Cart



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