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NEO Group to build a new research center

  • By: NeoScientific
  • Sep 11,2014
Cambridge, MA (Scientific Net) — NEO Group Inc. plans to build a new global research center in the Boston area that will create 50 new research jobs, Business Develop Manager Catherine Laiosa said Monday.

The center represents NEO’s longstanding commitment to technological innovation and will work toward advancements in the biological macromolecule and biomodel fields that will help commercialize innovation faster, Catherine said.

That’s very appealing, said executive team member PC Zhu. NEO’s other sites in the United States, UK, China, and India will work closely with the hub in Massachusetts. The center is not only for NEO’s in-house research, but also for NEO’s global partners and local scientists.

Innovation is the key engine of NEO Group,Laiosa said. Since 2008, the Massachusetts-based company has invested in various technical capabilities to increase R&D. We actively cooperate with our partners and license technologies from leading companies, such as EMD Millipore, and local institutes like Harvard Medical School, she said.

Biological drugs have an extremely large market in the near future, Laiosa explained. At NEO we see a tremendous opportunity in antibody development and protein expression. NEO’s MassAb, Peptide Nucleic Acids, Protein Expression (NeoXPcells) technologies can help peptide and antibody drug R&D be more efficient.

NEO officials said that the search for a specific site for the new center is under way and that the company is evaluating locations near academic institutions, including Harvard University and MIT, as well as the skilled workforce in the Boston area.


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