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+1-617.299.7367 (Int’l)


+1-617.299.7367 (Int’l)

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours, Monday through Friday to assist you.
Gene Synthesis
Our experienced team uses state of the art technologies to rapidly and accurately synthesize any desired DNA sequence. Using a new PCR-based approach that avoids multiple cloning and linking steps we have synthesized thousands of genes for customers throughout the world. We provide our custom gene synthesis services at competitive prices (Set up fee: $149.00) and reliable delivery times.
Size of Gene Delivery Price(USD)
<150bp 5-8 business days $149.00/gene

150-1.5kb(batch order >100)
150-1.5kb (batch order>20)

8-12 business days $ 0.14/bp
$ 0.19/bp


8-12 business days $ 0.24/bp
1.5-3kb 15-20 business days $ 0.29/bp
3-5kb 18-22 business days

$ 0.35/bp

>5 kb inquire inquire
Due to the nature of DNA synthesis, certain genes will have properties that lead to complications in production. Our team overcomes these synthesis roadblocks through various molecular methods such as fragment-ligand assembly, oligo design & optimization, etc. Below, please find our complexity index and the respective price and turnaround time changes associated with each complexity parameter*. Your quotation will automatically reflect our NeoSynthesis evaluation of your custom gene.
Complexity Index Description Cost Time
Complexity I Repeat patterns, total length>12bp; >80% or <10% GC Content; 20-40 Poly N tail; etc. 1.5x Price +1 week
Complexity II Repeat patterns, total length>12bp; >80% or <10% GC Content; 40-80 Poly N tail; etc. 1.8x Price +2 week
Complexity III Repeat patterns, total length>12bp; >80% or <10% GC Content; >80 Poly N tail; etc. 2x Price +3 week
Absolute Confidentiality

All customer information is kept in strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties for any reason.

Guaranteed Sequence Fidelity

All final clones are confirmed by sequence and guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

High Technical Skill

We can synthesize complex, repetitive, and high GC content sequences

Vector Flexibility

Synthetic sequences are returned in standard cloning vectors or any vector supplied by customers.


For most sequences, a formal quote will be emailed to you instantly. For complex requests, our scientist will contact you within one business day.

For Batch Orders

You may upload batch gene sequences below, or send email to

Upload attachment file format xls, txt, scv, each file maximum 1M



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