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Subcloning Service
PCR Cloning and Subcloning
NeoScientific.'s PCR cloning and subcloning services are highly flexible and can meet the requirements of any project. The starting materials can be PCR products, plasmid DNA or other formats. Our typical turnaround time is 14 business days depending on the project.
Competitive Advantages
• High Accuracy
• Flexibility
• Comprehensive upstream and downstream services
• Most Competitive Prices
• For genes < 1kb, $300 for subcloning/PCR cloning
• For genes > 1kb, we add $100 additional cost per kb for screening and sequencing
Requirements of Sample Submission
• PCR products, plasmid DNA, and other formats are all accepted.
• The complete sequence of the template including the target gene and its vector
• A sufficient amount of culture if the starting material is a bacterial culture
• 2 µg template DNA if the starting material is DNA
• Maps and pertinent information on submission and destination vectors
Delivery Specifications/Delivery Package
• Our typical turnaround is about 14 business days depending on the complexity of the project.:
• 4 μg vector containing the gene
• Sequence chromatograms covering your gene
• Construct map
• Quality assurance certificate
• We provide standard cloning vectors but can work with any customer provided vector.
• We can supply large quantities of final plasmids or DNA fragments according to the customer’s needs.
Price Quotation Form
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