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Peptide Modification

NeoPeptide™ designs different synthetic strategies depending on the peptide sequences in order to fit various specifications. We offer a wide range of peptide modification services including but not limited to the following:

Amidation (C-terminus) or Acetylation (N-terminus)

Acetylation (N-Terminal), HYNIC (N-Terminal), DTPA (N-Terminal), Formylation (N-Terminal), Fatty acid (N-Terminal), Myristic acid (N-Terminal), Palmytolyl (N-Terminal), Benzyloxycarbonylation (CBZ), Amidation (C-Terminal), Succinylation (Suc, N-Terminal), etc.

Special Amino Acids

D-Arg, D-Cys, D-Asp, D-Asn, D-Glu, D-Gln, D-Ser, D-His, D-Thr, D-Trp, D-Leu,D-Ile, D-Met, D-Pro, D-Val ,D-Phe, pGlu, Hyp, D-Lys,D-Tyr, D-Orn, Orn, Abu, Aib, (D)1-Nal, (D)2-Pal, (D)4-Cl-Phe, Nva, Nle, Hse, Hcy, Pen, Mpa,N-Methyl amino acid (Ala, Phe, Leu, Ile, Val, Gly, Met),Other amino acid, Dinitrobenzoylation (Lys), Lys (Me2), Phosphorylation (Tyr, Ser, Thr, single site), Tyr(SO3H2), Ser (octanoic acid), etc.

Fluorescence/Dye labeling

Biotin (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx), Biotin (Lys in sequence), Biotin (without Lys in sequence), FITC/5-FAM (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx), Dansyl (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx), MCA (N-Terminal), p-Nitroanilide (pNA, C-Terminal), AMC (C-Terminal)

Multiple Disulfide Bonds

NeoPeptideTM is able to build up to three disulfide bridges between cysteine at specified positions on one peptide.

Multiple Phosphorylations

NeoPeptideTM can synthesize serine-, threonine-, and tyrosine-phosphopeptides. For peptides containing one or more of these hydroxy-amino acids, selective phosphorylation can be achieved by orthogonal protection or by Fmoc-protected phosphorylated amino acids.

Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH), Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), and Ovalbumin

To generate significant immune responses, peptides are conjugated to bigger carrier proteins, such as ovalbumin, or BSA or KLH. NeoPeptideTM couples the cysteine residue of the peptide to the carrier protein.


PEGylation is the covalent conjugation of macromolecules with polyethylene glycol (PEG), polymers that are nonionic, nontoxic, biocompatible and highly hydrophilic. PEGylation enhances the therapeutic application of macromolecules.

Isotope Labeling

NeoPeptideTM can label peptides with stable nonradioactive isotopes, such as 2H, 15N, 13C, or both 15N and 13C.

Multiple Antigenic Peptide (MAP) System

Multiple antigenic peptides, consisting of highly localized peptide density and high molecular weight, is one potent way to produce high-titer antipeptide antibodies and synthetic peptide vaccines. This system utilizes lysine to form a backbone to which multiple peptide chains can be attached. NeoPeptideTM can form Asymmetric 4 branches and Asymmetric 8 branches.

Quenched Fluorescent Peptide

Abz/ Tyr (3-NO2), EDANS/DABCYL

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