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Dissolving Peptides

  • By: NeoScientific
  • Jul 04,2014
The best way to dissolve a peptide is to use water.
For peptides that are not soluble in water, use the following procedure:
1. For acidic peptides, use a small amount of base such as 10% ammonium bicarbonate to dissolve the peptide, dilute with water to the desired concentration. Do not use base for cysteine-containing peptides.
2. For basic peptides, use a small amount of 30% acetic acid, dilute with water to the desired concentration.
3. For a very hydrophobic peptide, try dissolving the peptide in a very small amount of DMSO, dilute with water to the desired concentration.
4. For peptides that tend to aggregate (usually peptides containing cysteines), add 6 M urea, 6 M urea with 20% acetic acid, or 6 M guanidine•HCl to the peptide, then proceed with the necessary dilutions.



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