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Goat ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
GTA0427Goat Anti-GAD ELISA KitAnti-Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibodies (Anti-GAD)$495Add to Cart
GTA0428Goat AGPA ELISA KitAnti-Glycoprotein 210 Antibody (AGPA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0429Goat Anti-RNP ELISA KitGoat Anti-Ribonucleoprotein Antibody $495Add to Cart
GTA0430Goat ARPA ELISA KitAnti-Ribosomal P Protein Antibody (ARPA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0431Goat Anti-RRNP ELISA KitAnti-Ribosomal RNP Antibody (Anti-RRNP)$495Add to Cart
GTA0432Goat AAA ELISA KitAnti-Actin Antibody (AAA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0433Goat AMA ELISA KitGoat Anti-Methylglyoxal Antibody $495Add to Cart
GTA0434Goat ATMA ELISA KitGoat Anti-Thyroid Microsome Antibody $495Add to Cart
GTA0435Goat AFA ELISA KitGoat Anti-Filaggrin Antibody $495Add to Cart
GTA0436Goat AsAb ELISA KitAnti-Sperm Antibody (AsAb)$495Add to Cart
GTA0437Goat ADH ELISA KitGoat Anti-Diuretic Hormone $495Add to Cart
GTA0438Goat AOA ELISA KitGoat Anti-Ovarian Antibody $495Add to Cart
GTA0440Goat AMH ELISA KitAnti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)$495Add to Cart
GTA0441Goat AECA ELISA KitAnti-Endothelial Cell Antibody (AECA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0442Goat AIFA ELISA KitAnti-Intrinsic Factor Antibody (AIFA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0443Goat ASMA ELISA KitGoat Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody $495Add to Cart
GTA0444Goat Anti-GM1 ELISA KitAnti-Ganglioside M1 Antibody (Anti-GM1)$495Add to Cart
GTA0445Goat ANNA1 ELISA KitGoat Anti-Neuronal Nuclear AutoAntibody 1 $495Add to Cart
GTA0446Goat ANNA2 ELISA KitGoat Anti-Neuronal Nuclear AutoAntibody 2 $495Add to Cart
GTA0447Goat Anti-DsDNA ELISA KitAnti-Double Stranded DNA (Anti-DsDNA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0448Goat AGA ELISA KitAnti-Glycolipid AutoAntibody (AGA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0450Goat ARA ELISA KitAnti-Reticulin Antibody (ARA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0452Goat AIRA ELISA KitGoat Anti-Insulin Receptor Antibody $495Add to Cart
GTA0453Goat Anti-AChR ELISA KitAnti-Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody (Anti-AChR)$495Add to Cart
GTA0454Goat AAHA ELISA KitGoat Anti-Apolipoprotein Antibodies $495Add to Cart
GTA0455Goat ANEA ELISA KitAnti-Neutrophil Elastase Antibody (ANEA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0456Goat AHA ELISA KitAnti-Histone Antibody (AHA)$495Add to Cart
GTA0463Goat ACP3 ELISA KitAcid Phosphatase 3, (ACP3)$495Add to Cart
GTA0464Goat AGR2 ELISA KitGoat Anterior Gradient Homolog 2 $495Add to Cart
GTA0468Goat ADRα1A ELISA KitAdrenergic Receptor, Alpha 1A (ADRa1A)$495Add to Cart



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