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Bovine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
BA0046Bovine A尾 ELISA KitBovine Total 尾 Amyloid Protein $495Add to Cart
BA0047Bovine ANA ELISA KitBovine Anti-nuclear Antibody $495Add to Cart
BA0048Bovine APOP ELISA KitBovine Apolipoprotein P $495Add to Cart
BA0049Bovine APOL1 ELISA KitBovine Apolipoprotein L1 $495Add to Cart
BA0050Bovine AMPK ELISA KitBovine Adenosine Monophosphate Activated Protein $495Add to Cart
BA0054Bovine AM ELISA KitBovine Adrenomedullin $495Add to Cart
BA0055Bovine 尾-APP ELISA KitBovine 尾 Amyloid Precursor Protein $495Add to Cart
BA0056Bovine A尾40 ELISA KitBovine Amyloid 尾 Protein 40 $495Add to Cart
BA0057Bovine A尾42 ELISA KitBovine Amyloid 尾 Protein 42 $495Add to Cart
BA0058Bovine APRIL ELISA KitBovine A Prolifeion inducing ligand $495Add to Cart
BA0081Bovine ASO ELISA KitAntistreptolysin O $495Add to Cart
BA0083Bovine α1-AT ELISA KitBovine 伪1 Antitrypsin $495Add to Cart
BA0116Bovine Anti-AT1R ELISA KitBovine Angiotensin 1 Receptor Antibody $495Add to Cart
BA0117Bovine AT1R ELISA KitAngiotensin 2 Receptor1 Antigen $495Add to Cart
BA0118Bovine Anti-AT2R1 ELISA KitBovine Angiotensin 2 Receptor 1 Antibody $495Add to Cart
BA0132Bovine ADPN ELISA KitBovine Total Adiponectin $495Add to Cart
BA0208Bovine ANG1 ELISA KitBovine Angiotensin 1 $495Add to Cart
BA0209Bovine MIS/AMH ELISA KitBovine Mullerian Inhibiting Substance/Anti Mullerian Hormone $495Add to Cart
BA0210Bovine ACHRAB ELISA KitBovine Acetylcholine Receptor antibody $495Add to Cart
BA0211Bovine ANG2 ELISA KitBovine Angiotensin 2 $495Add to Cart
BA0212Bovine ANG3 ELISA KitBovine Angiotensin 3 $495Add to Cart
BA0213Bovine ANG-(1-7) ELISA KitBovine Angiotensin (1-7) $495Add to Cart
BA0214Bovine AT1R-AA ELISA KitBovine Angiotensin 2 Receptor 1 Autoantibodies $495Add to Cart
BA0215Bovine Ang 2 ELISA KitAngiotensin 2 $495Add to Cart
BA0216Bovine ANN-V ELISA KitBovine Annexin V $495Add to Cart
BA0228Bovine AT-1 ELISA KitAngiotensin 2 Receptor type 1 Autoantibodies $495Add to Cart
BA0229Bovine AT-2 ELISA KitAngiotensin 2 Receptor type 2 Autoantibodies $495Add to Cart
BA0230Bovine slCAM-1 ELISA Kitsoluble intercellular Adhesion Molecular 1 $495Add to Cart
BA0231Bovine AD7C-NTP ELISA KitBovine Alzheimer-associated neuronal thread protein $495Add to Cart
BA0232Bovine ANG1-7 ELISA KitAngiotensin 1-7 $495Add to Cart



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