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Bovine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
BA0237Bovine aFGF ELISA KitBovine Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor $495Add to Cart
BA0308Bovine ATXN2 ELISA KitAtaxin 2 (ATXN2)$495Add to Cart
BA0310Bovine ACF ELISA KitApobec 1 Complementation Factor (ACF)$495Add to Cart
BA0311Bovine AXIN ELISA KitAxis Inhibition Protein (AXIN)$495Add to Cart
BA0312Bovine AXIN2 ELISA KitAxis Inhibition Protein 2 (AXIN2)$495Add to Cart
BA0326Bovine ALCAM ELISA KitBovine Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule $495Add to Cart
BA0337Bovine ASPN ELISA KitBovine Asporin $495Add to Cart
BA0351Bovine ARRb1 ELISA KitArrestin Beta 1 (ARRb1)$495Add to Cart
BA0354Bovine ARR尾2 ELISA KitBovine Arrestin Beta 2 $495Add to Cart
BA0377Bovine ALPI ELISA KitBovine Alkaline Phosphatase, Intestinal $495Add to Cart
BA0378Bovine ADCYAP1 ELISA KitBovine Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide 1, Pituitary $495Add to Cart
BA0385Bovine APP ELISA KitBovine Amyloid Precursor Protein $495Add to Cart
BA0386Bovine ASK1 ELISA KitApoptosis Signal Regulating Kinase 1 (ASK1)$495Add to Cart
BA0389Bovine ACTN2 ELISA KitBovine Actinin Alpha 2 $495Add to Cart
BA0390Bovine ACTN3 ELISA KitActinin Alpha 3 (ACTN3)$495Add to Cart
BA0394Bovine ALPL ELISA KitBovine Alkaline Phosphatase, Liver/Bone/Kidney $495Add to Cart
BA0395Bovine ALT ELISA KitBovine Alanine Aminotransferase $495Add to Cart
BA0398Bovine ACTα1 ELISA KitActin Alpha 1, Skeletal Muscle (ACTa1)$495Add to Cart
BA0405Bovine ALDOA ELISA KitBovine Aldolase A, Fructose Bisphosphate $495Add to Cart
BA0406Bovine ACTb ELISA KitBovine Actin Beta $495Add to Cart
BA0408Bovine Agrin ELISA KitBovine Agrin $495Add to Cart
BA0410Bovine alk-Smase ELISA KitBovine Alkaline Sphingomyelinase $495Add to Cart
BA0419Bovine AVPR1A ELISA KitArginine Vasopressin Receptor 1A (AVPR1A)$495Add to Cart
BA0420Bovine AGC ELISA KitBovine Aggrecan $495Add to Cart
BA0421Bovine Anti-CIIAb ELISA KitAnti-Type II Collagen AutoAntibody (Anti-CIIAb)$495Add to Cart
BA0422Bovine AP62A ELISA KitAnti-P62 Antibody (AP62A)$495Add to Cart
BA0423Bovine AAA ELISA KitBovine Anti-Albumin Antibody $495Add to Cart
BA0424Bovine Anti-C1q ELISA KitBovine Anti-Complement 1q Antibody $495Add to Cart
BA0425Bovine Anti-Surv ELISA KitBovine Anti-Survivin Antibody $495Add to Cart
BA0426Bovine Anti-ssDNA ELISA KitBovine Anti-Single Stranded DNA $495Add to Cart



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