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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HT0087Human TAF2 ELISA KitTATA Box Binding Protein Associated Factor 2 $495Add to Cart
HT0084Human TAF1 ELISA KitTATA Box Binding Protein Associated Factor 1 (TAF1)$495Add to Cart
HT0083Human TACR3 ELISA KitTachykinin Receptor 3 (TACR3)$495Add to Cart
HT0079Human TACR2 ELISA KitTachykinin Receptor 2 $495Add to Cart
HT0076Human TLR4 ELISA KitToll Like Receptor4 $495Add to Cart
HT0075Human TLR2 ELISA KitToll Like Receptor2 $495Add to Cart
HT0074Human TGF1 ELISA KitTransforming Growth Factor 1 $495Add to Cart
HT0072Human TSAb ELISA KitThyroid stimulating antibody $495Add to Cart
HT0071Human TNOS ELISA KitTotal Nitric Oxide synthase $495Add to Cart
HT0070Human TE ELISA KitTelomerase $495Add to Cart
HT0068Human TPP ELISA KitThrombus Precursor Protein $495Add to Cart
HT0067Human M2-PK ELISA KitTumor type M2 Pyruvate Kinase $495Add to Cart
HT0066Human TPO ELISA KitThrombopoietin $495Add to Cart
HT0065Human TGFβ ELISA KitTransforming Growth Factor β $495Add to Cart
HT0064Human anti-TPO ELISA KitThrombopoietin antibody $495Add to Cart
HT0063Human TGF ELISA KitTransforming growth factor ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HT0062Human TGFR ELISA KitTransforming growth factor receptor $495Add to Cart
HT0054Human TIMP-1 ELISA KitTissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases 1 $495Add to Cart
HT0047Human T4 ELISA KitThyroxine $495Add to Cart
HT0046Human T3 ELISA KitTriiodothyronine $495Add to Cart
HT0044Human TF ELISA KitTissue Factor $495Add to Cart
HT0042Human TG ELISA KitTransglutaminase $495Add to Cart
HT0041Human TNF ELISA KitTotal tumor necrosis factor $495Add to Cart
HT0040Human Tox IgD ELISA KitToxoplasma IgD antibody ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HT0039Human Tox IgA ELISA KitToxoplasma IgA antibody ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HT0038Human Tox IgM ELISA KitToxoplasma IgM antibody ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HT0036Human TP ELISA KitTotal Protein $495Add to Cart
HT0035Human Toxoplasma antigen ELSA ELISA KitToxoplasma antigen ELSA KIT$495Add to Cart
HT0034Human TNFaR ELISA KitTumor Necrosis Factor a Receptor $495Add to Cart
HT0033Human Anti-TPOR ELISA KitThrombopoietin Receptor antibody $495Add to Cart



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