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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HV0056Human VB12 ELISA KitVitamin B12 $495Add to Cart
HV0055Human VASPIN ELISA KitVisceral adipose Tissue Derived Serine Protease Inhibitor $495Add to Cart
HV0054Human VZV lgM ELISA KitVaricella zoster virus lgM$495Add to Cart
HV0053Human VWF ELISA Kitvon Willebrand Factor antigen,vWF:Ag $495Add to Cart
HV0052Human VPI ELISA Kitvasopeptidase inhibitors,VPI $495Add to Cart
HV0051Human VMA ELISA KitVanillylmandelic acid $495Add to Cart
HV0050Human VLDLR ELISA KitVery low density lipoprotein receptor $495Add to Cart
HV0049Human VLA4 ELISA Kitvery late appearing antigen 4$495Add to Cart
HV0047Human VK1 ELISA KitVitamin K1 $495Add to Cart
HV0046Human Visfatin ELISA Kitvisfatin$495Add to Cart
HV0045Human VEGFR-1/Flt1 ELISA KitVascuoar endothelial cell growth factor receptor 1$495Add to Cart
HV0044Human VIP ELISA KitVasoactive intestinal peptide $495Add to Cart
HV0043Human VIM ELISA KitVimentin $495Add to Cart
HV0042Human VGCC ELISA KitVoltage-gated calcium channel $495Add to Cart
HV0041Human VEGF-B ELISA KitVascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor B $495Add to Cart
HV0039Human VE ELISA KitVitamin E $495Add to Cart
HV0037Human VD3 ELISA KitVitamin D3 $495Add to Cart
HV0036Human VD2 ELISA KitVitamin D2 $495Add to Cart
HV0035Human VD R ELISA KitVitamin D Receptor $495Add to Cart
HV0033Human VD ELISA Kitvitamin D$495Add to Cart
HV0032Human VCL ELISA KitVinculin $495Add to Cart
HV0030Human VD ELISA KitVitamin D $495Add to Cart
HV0029Human VC ELISA KitVitamin C $495Add to Cart
HV0028Human VB6 ELISA KitVitamin B6 $495Add to Cart
HV0026Human VEGFR1 ELISA KitVascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 $495Add to Cart
HV0025Human VB12 ELISA KitVitamin B12 $495Add to Cart
HV0024Human VacA ELISA KitVacuolating cytotoxin A,VacA $495Add to Cart
HV0023Human VEGF165 ELISA KitVascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor $495Add to Cart
HV0022Human VA ELISA KitVitamin A $495Add to Cart
HV0020Human VEGF-C ELISA KitVascular Endothelial Growth Factor C $495Add to Cart



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