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Chicken ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
CKC0008Chicken CC16 ELISA KitChicken Clara cell Specific protein CC16 $495Add to Cart
CKC0011Chicken CD4 ELISA KitChicken Cluster of Differentiation 4 $495Add to Cart
CKC0012Chicken C5B-9 ELISA KitChicken Plasma levels of terminal complement complex $495Add to Cart
CKC0014Chicken CD8 ELISA KitChicken Cluster of Differentiation 8 $495Add to Cart
CKC0015Chicken CORT ELISA KitChicken Cortisol $495Add to Cart
CKC0016Chicken CRP ELISA KitChicken C Reactive Protein $495Add to Cart
CKC0017Chicken CYFRA21.1 ELISA KitChicken Cytokein Fragment Antigen 21.1 $495Add to Cart
CKC0018Chicken C1q ELISA KitChicken Complement 1q $495Add to Cart
CKC0019Chicken C4 ELISA KitChicken Complement 4 $495Add to Cart
CKC0020Chicken Cyt c ELISA KitChicken Cytochrome C $495Add to Cart
CKC0021Chicken COL1 ELISA KitChicken Collagen Type I $495Add to Cart
CKC0024Chicken COL3 ELISA KitChicken Collagen Type III $495Add to Cart
CKC0025Chicken CD40L ELISA KitChicken CD 40 Ligand $495Add to Cart
CKC0034Chicken Camp ELISA KitChicken cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate $495Add to Cart
CKC0035Chicken CD42 ELISA KitChicken CD42 $495Add to Cart
CKC0038Chicken CD5L ELISA KitChicken CD5 Antigen-like/scavenger receptor cysteine rich family $495Add to Cart
CKC0039Chicken CNTFR ELISA KitChicken Ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor $495Add to Cart
CKC0049Chicken C-P ELISA KitChicken C-peptide $495Add to Cart
CKC0050Chicken Cit ELISA KitChicken Citrulline $495Add to Cart
CKC0052Chicken COMT ELISA KitChicken Catechol-O-Metthyhransferase $495Add to Cart
CKC0054Chicken COL4 ELISA KitChicken Collagen Type IV $495Add to Cart
CKC0080Chicken C-met ELISA KitChicken C-met Proto-Oncogene Protein $495Add to Cart
CKC0086Chicken CRH-R ELISA KitChicken Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Receptor $495Add to Cart
CKC0087Chicken COX2 ELISA KitChicken Cyclooxygenase 2 $495Add to Cart
CKC0088Chicken CYP2E1 ELISA KitChicken Cytochrome P450 2E1 $495Add to Cart
CKC0089Chicken Cresol ELISA KitChicken Cresol $495Add to Cart
CKC0091Chicken CMPF ELISA KitChicken 3 Carboxyl 4 Methyl 5 Propyl 2 Furangroup $495Add to Cart
CKC0092Chicken CKMB ELISA KitChicken Creatine Kinase MB isoenzyme $495Add to Cart
CKC0093Chicken CAT ELISA KitChicken Catalase $495Add to Cart
CKC0095Chicken CPP ELISA KitChicken Copeptin $495Add to Cart



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