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Sheep ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
SV0010Sheep VF ELISA KitSheep Visfatin $495Add to Cart
SU0022Sheep ULBP2 ELISA KitSheep UL16 Binding protein 2 $495Add to Cart
ST0549Sheep TREM-1 ELISA KitSheep Triggering Receptor Expresses on Myeloid Cells-1 $495Add to Cart
ST0544Sheep TRAP ELISA KitSheep Tarte Resistant Acid Phosphatase $495Add to Cart
ST0539Sheep TPS ELISA KitSheep Tryptase $495Add to Cart
ST0528Sheep TLR-9 ELISA KitSheep Toll-like receptor 9 $495Add to Cart
ST0515Sheep TCC C5b-9 ELISA KitSheep Terminal complement complex C5b-9 $495Add to Cart
ST0509Sheep TAT ELISA KitSheep Thrombin-antithrombin complex $495Add to Cart
ST0382Sheep TXLNA ELISA KitSheep Taxilin Alpha/IL-14 $495Add to Cart
ST0360Sheep TSLP ELISA KitSheep Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin $495Add to Cart
ST0349Sheep TLS ELISA KitSheep T lymphocyte subpopulation CD3/4/8 $495Add to Cart
ST0095Sheep TARC ELISA KitSheep Thymus Activation Regulated Chemokine $495Add to Cart
ST0076Sheep TLR4 ELISA KitSheep Toll Like Receptor4 $495Add to Cart
ST0075Sheep TLR2 ELISA KitSheep Toll Like Receptor2 $495Add to Cart
ST0033Sheep Anti-TPOR ELISA KitSheep Thrombopoietin Receptor antibody $495Add to Cart
ST0026Sheep TIG ELISA KitSheep Total Immunoglobulin $495Add to Cart
SS0307Sheep SEMA4D? ELISA KitSheep Semaphorin-4D $495Add to Cart
SS0301Sheep STLR-6 ELISA KitSheep Soluble toll-like receptor 6 $495Add to Cart
SS0300Sheep STLR-2 ELISA KitSheep Soluble toll-like receptor 2 $495Add to Cart
SS0288Sheep SP-Selectin ELISA KitSheep Soluble platelet-selectin $495Add to Cart
SS0279Sheep SP ELISA KitSheep Surfactant P $495Add to Cart
SS0270Sheep SLA ELISA KitSheep Anti-soluble liver antigen $495Add to Cart
SS0267Sheep sIL-6R ELISA KitSheep Soluble interleukin 6 receptor $495Add to Cart
SS0265Sheep SICAM1 ELISA KitSheep Soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 $495Add to Cart
SS0259Sheep SE-selectin ELISA KitSheep Soluble Endothelial Selectin $495Add to Cart
SS0253Sheep SDF-1beta ELISA KitSheep Stromal cell derived factor 1beta $495Add to Cart
SS0251Sheep SDA ELISA KitSheep Salivary duct autoantibody $495Add to Cart
SS0246Sheep SCD86 ELISA KitSheep Soluble cluster of differentiation 86 $495Add to Cart
SS0245Sheep SCD30L ELISA KitSheep Soluble cluster of differentiation 30 ligand $495Add to Cart
SS0180Sheep sPLA2 ELISA KitSheep Phospholipase A2, Secreted $495Add to Cart



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