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Human ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
HI0420Human IL-17E ELISA KitInterleukin 17E $495Add to Cart
HI0419Human Il-24 ELISA KitInterleukin 24 $495Add to Cart
HI0396Human IL-35 ELISA KitInterleukin 35 $495Add to Cart
HI0395Human Il-34 ELISA KitInterleukin 34 $495Add to Cart
HI0390Human IL-3 ELISA KitInterleukin 3 $495Add to Cart
HI0388Human IL-2sR尾 ELISA KitSoluble Interleukin 2尾 receptor $495Add to Cart
HI0386Human IL-2sRa ELISA KitSoluble Interleukin 2a receptor $495Add to Cart
HI0385Human IL-2sR ELISA KitSoluble Interleukin 2 recepter $495Add to Cart
HI0383Human IL-2R ELISA KitInterleukin-2 receptor $495Add to Cart
HI0381Human IL-23 ELISA KitInterleukin 23 $495Add to Cart
HI0375Human IL-1sR II ELISA KitSoluble interleukin-1 receptor II $495Add to Cart
HI0371Human IL-1a ELISA KitInterleukin 1a $495Add to Cart
HI0369Human IL-17A ELISA KitInterleukin 17A $495Add to Cart
HI0366Human IL-16 ELISA KitInterleukin 16 $495Add to Cart
HI0364Human IL-15 ELISA KitInterleukin 15 $495Add to Cart
HI0359Human IL-11 ELISA KitInterleukin 11 $495Add to Cart
HI0336Human ICAM-3 ELISA Kitintercellular adhesion molecule 3 $495Add to Cart
HI0333Human ICAM-2 ELISA KitIntercellular adhesion molecule 2 $495Add to Cart
HI0322Human IL1RA ELISA KitInterleukin 1 Receptor antagonist $495Add to Cart
HI0317Human IL18 ELISA KitInterleukin 18 $495Add to Cart
HI0316Human IL17 ELISA KitInterleukin 17 $495Add to Cart
HI0315Human IL2 ELISA KitInterleukin 2 $495Add to Cart
HI0314Human IL-1Racp ELISA KitInterleukin 1 Racp $495Add to Cart
HI0214Human IL-7 ELISA KitInterleukin 7 $495Add to Cart
HI0211Human IL-33 ELISA KitInterleukin 33 $495Add to Cart
HI0210Human IL-22 ELISA KitInterleukin 22 $495Add to Cart
HI0063Human IL-8 ELISA KitInterleukin 8 $495Add to Cart
HI0059Human IAP ELISA KitImmunosuppressive Acidic Protein $495Add to Cart
HI0047Human IL-9 ELISA KitInterleukin 9 $495Add to Cart
HI0045Human IgM ELISA KitImmunoglobulin M $495Add to Cart



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