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Human ELISA Kits List
    Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
    HN0115Human Nesfatin ELISA KitNesfatin $495Add to Cart
    HN0114Human NT4 ELISA KitNeurotrophin 4 $495Add to Cart
    HN0109Human Ntn1 ELISA KitNetrin-1 $495Add to Cart
    HN0106Human NRG-1 ELISA KitNeuregulin 1 $495Add to Cart
    HN0099Human NOS ELISA KitNitric oxide synthase $495Add to Cart
    HN0071Human N-AChR ELISA KitNicotinic acetylcholine receptor $495Add to Cart
    HN0053Human NTRK2 ELISA KitNeurotrophic Tyrosine Kinase Receptor Type 2 $495Add to Cart
    HN0032Human NSE ELISA KitNeuron Specific Enolase $495Add to Cart
    HN0026Human NT-4 ELISA KitNeurotrophin-4 $495Add to Cart
    HN0025Human NT-3 ELISA KitNeurotrophin-3 $495Add to Cart
    HN0024Human NT-2 ELISA KitNeurotrophin-2 $495Add to Cart
    HN0023Human NT-1 ELISA KitNeurotrophin-1 $495Add to Cart
    HN0021Human NGF ELISA KitNerve Growth Factor $495Add to Cart
    HN0020Human NADR ELISA KitNoradrenaline $495Add to Cart
    HN0019Human NKA ELISA KitNeurokinin A $495Add to Cart
    HN0016Human NP-Y ELISA KitNeuropeptide Y $495Add to Cart
    HN0015Human NT-proBNP ELISA KitN-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide $495Add to Cart
    HN0008Human NGB ELISA KitNeuroglobin $495Add to Cart



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