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Media Center
NeoBioScience and BioModels Kick Off Research Alliance

Oct 21, 2008, Contact: PR office Phone: 617-500-7103
NeoBioScience and BioModels are gearing up to launch their drug screening research collaboration aimed at speeding the development of new nutrition and medicines to inflammatory joint diseases. The innovative collaboration will combine worldclass immunological research by NeoBioScience investigators with BioModels, one of the world's leading in vitro and in vivo model companies. The goal is to develop new treatments for inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and psoriasis.'The NeoBioScience scientists are extremely excited about this tremendous opportunity to collaborate with scientists at BioModels,' said PC Zhu, Ph.D., NeoBioScience's CEO. 'This unique scientific alliance should significantly enhance our efforts to push forward with ground-breaking research in immunology and inflammation and, in particular, it should enhance our ability to translate basic discoveries into the clinical setting.'Under the program, researchers at both institutions will develop collaborative grant proposals in the areas of immunology and inflammation.

NeoBioScience and a Laboratory at Harvard Medical School Announce Technology Collaboration

September 29, 2008, Contact: PR office Phone: 617-500-7103
NeoBioScience is proud to announce a new technology collaboration between the Xia’s laboratory at Harvard Medical School and the R&D department of NeoBioScience, Inc. NeoBioScience will build up a zebra fish facility and launch drug research using this model. 'This scientific alliance should significantly enhance our efforts to push forward with zebra fish based drug screening.' PC Zhu, Ph.D., NEO's Founder.

Zebrafish model

Among the model systems for studying development, the zebrafish has become prized because its transparent embryo develops outside the mother's body. The zebrafish has helped biologists identify many genes involved in embryogenesis and, because it's a vertebrate animal, has become a valuable resource for identifying genes involved in human disease.



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