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Rabbit ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
RTP0717Rabbit PR3 ab-lgG ELISA Kitanti-proteinase 3 antibody lgG$495Add to Cart
RTP0716Rabbit Pr ELISA Kitphospho Tou protein$495Add to Cart
RTP0714Rabbit P-PKC ELISA Kitphospho protein kinase C$495Add to Cart
RTP0713Rabbit PPIL1 ELISA Kitpeptidylprolyl isomerase(cyclophilin)-like 1$495Add to Cart
RTP0712Rabbit PPI ELISA KitPeptidylprolyl Isomerase$495Add to Cart
RTP0711Rabbit PPAR-γ ELISA KitRabbit Peroxisome prolifeors activator γ $495Add to Cart
RTP0710Rabbit PPAR-γ ELISA KitPeroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ$495Add to Cart
RTP0709Rabbit PPAR-β ELISA Kitperoxisome proliferators activator β$495Add to Cart
RTP0708Rabbit PPAR-α ELISA KitRabbit Peroxisome prolifeors activator α $495Add to Cart
RTP0706Rabbit PP ELISA KitRabbit Pepsin $495Add to Cart
RTP0704Rabbit PP ELISA Kitplacental protein$495Add to Cart
RTP0703Rabbit PP ELISA KitRabbit Protein phosphatase $495Add to Cart
RTP0702Rabbit PON ELISA KitRabbit Paraoxonase $495Add to Cart
RTP0701Rabbit POMC ELISA Kitpro-opiomelanocortin,POMC $495Add to Cart
RTP0700Rabbit Podocin ELISA Kitpodocin$495Add to Cart
RTP0699Rabbit PNP ELISA Kitparaneoplastic pemphigus$495Add to Cart
RTP0698Rabbit Anti-PM-Scl ELISA KitRabbit Polymyositis sclerosis antibody $495Add to Cart
RTP0697Rabbit PMN ELISA KitRabbit Polymorphonuclear Elastase $495Add to Cart
RTP0696Rabbit PLSCR1 ELISA KitRabbit Phospholipid Scramblase 1 $495Add to Cart
RTP0695Rabbit PLP ELISA Kitproteolipid protein$495Add to Cart
RTP0694Rabbit PLP ELISA Kitparathyroid hormone-like protein$495Add to Cart
RTP0693Rabbit PLN ELISA Kitphospholamban,PLN $495Add to Cart
RTP0691Rabbit PLGA ELISA KitRabbit Plasminogen activator $495Add to Cart
RTP0689Rabbit PLCγ1 ELISA KitPhospholipase C γ1$495Add to Cart
RTP0688Rabbit PLC ELISA KitPhospholipase C$495Add to Cart
RTP0686Rabbit u-PAR ELISA KitRabbit Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator Receptor $495Add to Cart
RTP0685Rabbit PLAP ELISA KitRabbit Placental Alkaline Phosphatase $495Add to Cart
RTP0684Rabbit PLD ELISA KitRabbit Phospholipase D $495Add to Cart
RTP0683Rabbit PL-A2 ELISA KitRabbit Phospholipase A2 $495Add to Cart
RTP0682Rabbit PL12/AlaRS ELISA Kitanti-pl12-antibody$495Add to Cart



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