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Sheep ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
ST0075Sheep TLR2 ELISA KitSheep Toll Like Receptor2 $495Add to Cart
ST0074Sheep TGF1 ELISA KitSheep Transforming Growth Factor 1 $495Add to Cart
ST0072Sheep TSAb ELISA KitSheep Thyroid stimulating antibody $495Add to Cart
ST0070Sheep TE ELISA KitSheep Telomerase $495Add to Cart
ST0068Sheep TPP ELISA KitSheep Thrombus Precursor Protein $495Add to Cart
ST0067Sheep M2-PK ELISA KitSheep Tumor type M2 Pyruvate Kinase $495Add to Cart
ST0066Sheep TPO ELISA KitSheep Thrombopoietin $495Add to Cart
ST0065Sheep TGF尾 ELISA KitSheep Transforming Growth Factor 尾 $495Add to Cart
ST0064Sheep anti-TPO ELISA KitSheep Thrombopoietin antibody $495Add to Cart
ST0062Sheep TGFR ELISA KitSheep Transforming growth factor receptor $495Add to Cart
ST0054Sheep TIMP-1 ELISA KitSheep Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases 1 $495Add to Cart
ST0047Sheep T4 ELISA KitSheep Thyroxine $495Add to Cart
ST0046Sheep T3 ELISA KitSheep Triiodothyronine $495Add to Cart
ST0044Sheep TF ELISA KitSheep Tissue Factor $495Add to Cart
ST0042Sheep TG ELISA KitSheep Transglutaminase $495Add to Cart
ST0034Sheep TNFaR ELISA KitSheep Tumor Necrosis Factor a Receptor $495Add to Cart
ST0033Sheep Anti-TPOR ELISA KitSheep Thrombopoietin Receptor antibody $495Add to Cart
ST0032Sheep TXB2 ELISA KitSheep Thromboxanes B2 $495Add to Cart
ST0031Sheep Tau ELISA KitSheep Tau Protein $495Add to Cart
ST0030Sheep TRAIL ELISA KitSheep Tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand $495Add to Cart
ST0029Sheep TSH ELISA KitSheep Thyroid stimulating hormone $495Add to Cart
ST0028Sheep TNF尾 ELISA KitSheep Tumor Necrosis Factor 尾 $495Add to Cart
ST0026Sheep TIG ELISA KitSheep Total Immunoglobulin $495Add to Cart
ST0025Sheep TG ELISA KitSheep Triglyceride $495Add to Cart
ST0024Sheep cTnT ELISA KitSheep Cardiac Troponin T $495Add to Cart
ST0023Sheep cTn1 ELISA KitSheep Cardiac Troponin 1 $495Add to Cart
ST0022Sheep Apelin ELISA KitSheep Total Apelin $495Add to Cart
ST0020Sheep TPA ELISA KitSheep Tissue Polypeptide Antigen $495Add to Cart
ST0019Sheep THP ELISA KitSheep Tamm Horsfall Protein $495Add to Cart
ST0017Sheep tPA ELISA KitSheep Tissue type Plasminogen Activator $495Add to Cart



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