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Chicken ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
CKC0091Chicken CMPF ELISA KitChicken 3 Carboxyl 4 Methyl 5 Propyl 2 Furangroup $495Add to Cart
CKC0092Chicken CKMB ELISA KitChicken Creatine Kinase MB isoenzyme $495Add to Cart
CKC0093Chicken CAT ELISA KitChicken Catalase $495Add to Cart
CKC0094Chicken Hs-CRP ELISA KitChicken High sensitivity C-Reactive Protein $495Add to Cart
CKC0095Chicken CPP ELISA KitChicken Copeptin $495Add to Cart
CKC0097Chicken CER ELISA KitChicken Ceruloplasmin $495Add to Cart
CKC0098Chicken CP ELISA KitChicken Calprotectin $495Add to Cart
CKC0100Chicken C3bR ELISA KitChicken Complement fragment 3b rccptor $495Add to Cart
CKC0102Chicken Caspase-8 ELISA KitChicken Caspase-8 $495Add to Cart
CKC0103Chicken Caspase-9 ELISA KitChicken Caspase-9 $495Add to Cart
CKC0110Chicken CoX-4 ELISA KitChicken Cytochrome Oxidase 4 $495Add to Cart
CKC0111Chicken CHE ELISA KitChicken Chemerin $495Add to Cart
CKC0117Chicken CSF-1 ELISA KitChicken Colony Stimulating Factor 1 $495Add to Cart
CKC0212Chicken COMP ELISA KitChicken Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein $495Add to Cart
CKC0215Chicken SCD105 ELISA KitChicken sCD105/soluble Endoglin $495Add to Cart
CKC0216Chicken Scd40l ELISA KitChicken soluble Cluster of differentiation 40 ligand $495Add to Cart
CKC0217Chicken sCD163 ELISA KitChicken sCD163/soluble Haemoglobin Scavenger Receptor $495Add to Cart
CKC0218Chicken CD151 ELISA KitChicken Cluster of Differentiation 151 $495Add to Cart
CKC0239Chicken Cx3CL1 ELISA KitChicken Cx3CL1/Fractalkine $495Add to Cart
CKC0240Chicken CCL-5 ELISA KitChicken Chemokine C-C motif ligand 5 $495Add to Cart
CKC0241Chicken CD147 ELISA KitChicken CD147/EMMPRIN $495Add to Cart
CKC0243Chicken CCR5 ELISA KitChicken CC Chemokine Receptor 5 $495Add to Cart
CKC0244Chicken CH50 ELISA KitChicken Total 50% Complement Hemolytic unit $495Add to Cart
CKC0245Chicken CYP3A4 ELISA KitChicken Cytochrome P450 3A4 $495Add to Cart
CKC0247Chicken CD3 ELISA KitChicken Cluster of differentiation 3 $495Add to Cart
CKC0248Chicken CIC ELISA KitChicken Circulating Immune Complexes $495Add to Cart
CKC0329Chicken COL1a2 ELISA KitChicken Collagen Type I Alpha 2 $495Add to Cart
CKC0330Chicken COL2a1 ELISA KitChicken Collagen Type II Alpha 1 $495Add to Cart
CKC0331Chicken COL3a1 ELISA KitChicken Collagen Type III Alpha 1 $495Add to Cart
CKC0332Chicken COL6a1 ELISA KitChicken Collagen Type VI Alpha 1 $495Add to Cart



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